Block Scientific Announces Special Pricing on the ChemWell T

Block Scientific is offering the ChemWell T chemistry analyzer at a special price this week

Online PR News – 09-September-2013 – New York – An established New York based lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific comes out with great deals on top quality products.This week, the company is offering the ChemWell T chemistry analyzer at a special price.A fully automated, random access analyzer for biochemistry and immuno-turbidimetric assays from industry leader Awareness Technology, Inc., the ChemWell-T 4610 PC Controlled Chemistry + Turbidimetric Analyzer is a popular choice among smaller labs.

Offering quality, speed, dependability and economy, this chemistry analyzer comes with several impressive features:

•Cuvettes are easy to load and unload
•Starter quantity supplied
•Cuvettes automatically glide through the optical system for endpoint and kinetic reading
•Delivers 5mL to 450mL with typical precision of 2% CV or better
•Detects liquid surface
•Retracts safely if probe contacts an obstacle
•Washes automatically
•Calculates and edits curves for a wide variety of endpoint and kinetic assays
•Full QC package provides tracking options for calibrators and controls
•Reusable after washing
•Additional cuvettes are commercially available
•8 strips of 5 cuvettes each allows 40 reactions without intervention
•Oscillates to mix
•Measures remaining volume
•Guides user step-by-step with colorful graphics and prompts
•Automatic system checks and error messages

The system’s reagent/sample platform can be customized according to laboratory workload with a selection of up to 5 removable, interchangeable rack sectors.The analyzer comes with one year warranty.

Block Scientific’s weekly deals offer a great opportunity for labs to acquire high quality devices and reagents at competitive rates.This supplier’s reagent rental plans are proving a great advantage for labs with budget limitations.

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