Servant Leadership Author to Join Miles Anthony Smith's Leadership and Career Blog

Kompelling Publishing is expanding its blog contributors by adding Christopher Paul Elliott to its regularly scheduled lineup.

Online PR News – 12-September-2013 – Green Bay, Wisconsin – Kompelling Publishing is pleased to announce that servant leadership author and speaker Christopher Paul Elliott will be a regular contributing author to Miles Anthony Smith's Leadership and Career Blog.

Christopher Paul Elliott, states "Having personally known Miles Anthony Smith for a number of years now, I am excited about partnering with him on his leadership and career blog. We are both passionate enough on the topic of servant leadership to have recently written books on the subject and spoken to groups interested in learning more about Authenticism in leadership."

Christopher Paul Elliott has over twenty years of experience in leading organizational and individual change in technological, structural, and processes for companies with operating budgets ranging from $32,000 to $42 Million by utilizing servant leadership and authenticism methodology.

Christopher mentions his fascination with Neuroplasticity and why it is important when it comes to understanding who we are and what is holding us back from living a successful, purposeful, fulfilled life, "The impact of our environment starts affecting us from a young age and changes our brain's physiology over time thus shaping who we are and how we respond or react to other people or situations in life. There is much research going on in the area of neuroplasticity, and it is quite fascinating to understand and share with others the impact they can have in reshaping their own life into a more positive mental state and outlook on life utilizing the Though Shredder process in my book".

Christopher Paul Elliott is the author of Thought Shredder: Bringing Out the Bucker in You, a personal development process to help individuals break down values and beliefs from childhood experiences to get to the root cause of what is holding them back from living an authentic life. Based on a combination of neuroplasticity research and his own experiences with a troubled childhood, Chris walks his audiences through stories and actions to identify the Authentic You. Learn more about Christopher Paul Elliott and find his book at

Miles Anthony Smith is the author of Why Leadership Sucks: Fundamentals of Level 5 Leadership and Servant Leadership which is new as a leadership audiobook via,, and from Kompelling Publishing. Learn more about his leadership and career blog, speaking and coaching options, and his leadership audiobook at

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