eBook Written by Former Unlikely Skid Row Resident

College-educated aspiring script supervisor winds up on LA's Skid Row but bounces back.

Online PR News – 07-September-2013 – Farmingdale, NY – College-educated Jean Givan fell on hard times while out in Los Angeles, training to be a script supervisor for television and film. Although she had started getting gigs, they were not enough to sustain her.

The former school teacher had gone to LA from New York when LA's Unified School District was in the midst of a hiring freeze and impending layoffs. So, she could not rely that area of expertise where she was skilled.

To make matters worse, the Writer's Strike of 2008 hit and sent the television and film industry reeling, making it extremely difficult for a neophyte to join the ranks. Script supervisors who functioned at upper levels (in union-paying gigs), dropped down to non-union paying gigs -- just to keep themselves afloat.

If that was not enough, Givan got news that her aging mom's health started to decline, curtailing Givan's script supervisor plans, sending her back to NY.

Since her return to NY, Givan has taught herself to launch her Web site and operates a growing online business. In addition Givan has written a 119-page eBook, now available on Amazon, entitled "21 Tips for Making It Out of Your tough times, which gives insight into some of the techniques she used to succeed while on Skid Row.

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