Investors Should Not Mistake Dubai's Second Property Mistake for Another Bubble - Says Bayut

Dubai property is no Doubt doing great especially in 2013 and many people are speculating the progress to be leading to another boom and bust cycle but as the future unfolds the imminent events the speculators will learn how wrong they have been in their assessments.

Online PR News – 09-September-2013 – Dubai – As per this report of, property investors in Dubai should not mistake the current boom for another bubble. Experts at Bayut thoroughly debunked the rumours about the property bubble and state that it might not happen again owing to some concrete facts which are undeniably true for every reader who treads on the path of truth and principals based on facts.

While people tend to say that the market is coming overheated very fast and prices are escalating too quickly, in their hasty concerns they thoroughly overlook the pristine fact that the property bubble of 2008 occurred purely due to full the payments of fictitious property projects which were either never completed or cancelled by the government. This time things are very different and things have hardly anything in common to the events which unfolded in 2008. Not only the emirate has learned loads from the mistakes it committed in the past, it is also taking adequate measures to prevent another crisis in the future.

The Government is seen to be formulating new laws which are designed solely to safeguard the investors’ interests and furthermore the government is liquidating the previous cancelled projects, thus the investors are more motivated than ever before and new developments are seen to be taking place with an adequate rise in population which has given a boost to rental prices of both villas and apartments in Dubai.

The developments are based on cash rather than credit and the investors have only to pay ten per cent of the property value in advance instead of the whole price which tends to make the market more levered. Furthermore the creation of new job opportunities are attracting loads of people throughout the world and goodwill of the emirate is stretching across the world like wild fire.

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