PPM Funding Now Offers Pre-Formation Agreements

Bountiful, UT –PPM Funding is the crowd funding portal for accredited investors.

Online PR News – 07-September-2013 – USA – It provides a platform for businesses to introduce their project and raise capital while providing investment opportunities for accredited investors. Suitable non-accredited investors may qualify to participate in Capital Nudge (a crowdfunding site) or the Independent Stock Market.

PPM Funding allows entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to raise capital through pre-formation agreements and private placement offerings.

PPM Funding provides Pre-Formation Agreements for entrepreneurs who are just getting their projects started. Entrepreneurs looking to work with PPM Funding should have 1-9 investors who they know and who might be interested and able to invest significant amounts of money in the entrepreneur's project. By law, these individuals do not have to be accredited investors.

To get entrepreneurs started, PPM Funding sends them a fill-in-the-blank Pre-Formation Agreement form, creates the agreement, has professionals review it, provides a digital, printable copy of the finished product, and promotes the agreement and other relevant information on our website PPMFunding.com.

Business owners wanting PPM Funding to create their PPM and Subscription Agreement go through a similar, although much more extensive process.

PPM Funding also sends interested investors the agreements to sign digitally along with the address of where to send their investments, retrieves digitally signed agreements and emails them to the entrepreneurs or business owners, then communicates with them to acknowledge when funds are received. It then updates the status of funding on the website as funds are received, informs investors that they have received their investments, and informs potential investors when the funding goal has been achieved.

The PPM protects the entrepreneur interested in providing a Pre-Formation Agreement to potential investors in the event that the investment goes sour. It also protects the investor in cases when critical investment information is not disclosed by the entrepreneur. That's why it's so important that pre-formation agreements and private placement memorandums are accurate, complete and created by professionals.

When companies are just getting started, they often have the least amount of available funds to market their products. Promoting their product through agreements discussed in this article is critical for their ultimate success. But the cost for such agreements needs to be kept as low as possible. PPM Funding creates legally binding Pre-formation Agreements, promotes them on our website, and provides all the other services explained above for only $2,490. Our cost for private placement offerings is also half the price found elsewhere at only $19,900 for the professional, extensive capital-raising documents.

Notes: PPMFunding is located in Bountiful, Utah. For questions or for more information please email admin@ppmfunding.com or visit ppmfunding.com.