Special Business Mobile Phones Segment Launched By Fones.com

Fones.com announced the launch of a special segment on business mobile phones on its website, recently. The market demand for business mobile phones has rapidly risen and this special segment would definitely benefit a lot of consumers.

Online PR News – 17-June-2010 – – It is now a well-known fact that the market for business mobile phone is really large. Business mobile phones are versatile and provide a huge range of functionality. The features that they entail are professional, work-oriented and give a lot of room for managing your work right from your business mobile phone. As the demand increases, many such phones have come into the market making it a difficult task to compare and select one.
Considering this trend, [Fones.com leading online business mobile phones and accessories retailer has launched a special segment on business mobile phones. One of the greatest advantages of this release would be that people can get better, easier and faster business phone comparison just by looking at the site.
The business mobile phone arena is a richly competitive world. Mobile business phone features are usually pretty heavy-duty and come with lots of functionalities that would surprise anybody. These days, most of the business phones are touch-screen based with large and comfortable display supporting anywhere between 256K to 16 million colors. The display often comes with full on-screen QWERTY keypad for very clean, comfortable and easy typing experience. Certain phones that do not feature touch screen have a full QWERTY keypad.
On business mobile phones, one would find lots of applications that aid in creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc. These are very helpful in business-related work that can be done on the phone itself. Business phones also come with loads of shortcut keys to help in quicker navigation and access. Connectivity is a very important feature in today’s world. Business phones come with latest connectivity options like 3G, Wi-Fi and advanced Bluetooth functions. In-built browsers with full support give total access to websites and social networks to keep you connected at all times.
Almost every business cell phone comes with loads of storage capacity. MicroSD cards support storage of up to 32 GB on most phones and this gives a lot of room to store a lot of data, including files, songs, videos and contacts. Apart from all these, business mobile phones have a sturdy but compact design, with an optimum weight that makes them easy to carry and handle.
“There are plenty of business mobile phone deals from a variety of providers. Choosing the best business mobile phone package is really a tough task if you cannot compare them easily. That is one of the main reasons why we have decided to release this special segment on business mobile phones on our site,” Matthias Gaunt, the General Manager of Fones.com said while announcing the release.