Study Touts Benefits of Fire Sprinklers, Says Long Beach Fire Protection Company

Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. has touted the importance of fire sprinkler systems for years, and a study released recently by the National Fire Protection Association proves that point once again.

Online PR News – 17-June-2010 – – LONG BEACH, LOS ANGELES AND PLACENTIA, CALIFORNIA— The National Fire Protection Association recently released a study that confirms once again what Nationwide Fire Protection Corporation’s owner has told clients for years- fire sprinkler systems save lives and property.

NFPA released a fact sheet in February that compares fire damage costs in buildings with and without automatic fire extinguishing equipment.

The level of damage per fire tended to be lower by 40 percent to 70 percent among properties that were equipped with sprinklers, the study stated. In rooms that had automatic systems, the damages caused by flames was confined to the room in which the fire originated 95 percent of the time, compared to 74 percent of the time when those rooms did not have systems.

“We were happy to see this fact sheet released to the public, because it proves what I tell potential clients almost on a daily basis,” said Massoud Farazandeh, the general manager of Nationwide Fire Protection Corp., an affiliate of American Professional Services (APS-Hoods). NFP opened a fabrication facility in Placentia in 2009 when the demand for Long Beach fire protection work began to increase.

In eating and drinking establishments, the cost of damages per fire between 2003 and 2007- the years covered by the study- averaged about $42,000 in facilities where no automatic sprinklers were in place. That amount was reduced by more than half when sprinklers existed, to $12,000.

In hotels and motels, damages in establishments without sprinklers averaged $19,000, while those with sprinklers averaged $9,000.

“When we meet with restaurant owners and managers who are inquiring about hood cleaning services and we notice that they have no fire system in place because they have been grandfathered in, we always suggest adding that valuable equipment,” said the Long Beach fire system expert. (

The study confirmed that sprinklers are effective and reliable. When structure fires were significant enough to activate the systems, sprinklers operated in 93 percent of
fires in sprinklered properties and were effective 91 percent of the time. Wet pipe sprinklers operated in the majority- 95 percent- of these fires, compared to an 83 percent operating rate for dry pipe sprinklers.

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Chief Executive Officer Massoud Farazandeh founded Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. in 1989 and grew the business into a national leader in fire protection and hood cleaning of restaurants and facilities. In August 2009, he opened a satellite location in Placentia, CA. The company’s comprehensive service offerings enable businesses to do what they do best, which is to focus on their customers and their business. In turn, NFP focuses on what it knows best- keeping businesses in compliance and ensuring the safety of restaurants, staff and patrons.

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