White Reindeer Productions co-founder Deborah Von Brod participates in a TV production in Iraq…

Deborah Von Brod / DNA FILMS
Middle East 2
Deborah Von Brod / DNA Films Reality TV traveled to Iraq following Brian Howe of the rock group Bad Company while they entertained the troops during the war.

Online PR News – 06-September-2013 – Los Angeles, CA .- September 5th, 2013 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzmMhrmxfxc

Deborah Von Brod and Arash Farsi go to Iraq and follow Brian Howe, lead singer of the famous 80’s Rock band Bad Company. This reality TV production was organized in order to show American audiences how the soldiers in Iraq also get a little bit of entertainment to ease their hard task while in the Middle East.

The production entitled “Iraq-Can-Roll” follows Brian Howe during his concerts, his living situation with American troops in the barracks, an emotional ride on Blackhawk helicopter flying over the destroyed city of Bagdad, visits to several hospitals where Iraqi civilians wounded during war are being tended to, and training exercises with the American military.

“This was a very passionate project for me”, says Producer Arash Farsi. “Living with soldiers and participating in their everyday duties has totally shown me another side of how and what troops endure during their “tours” during the war in Iraq.

Arash was born in Dallas, Texas, son of Iranian parents and raised in Germany, returns to his homeland after many years. His Persian heritage causes “mixed feelings” while on set in four different cities of Iraq, and Kuwait especially because his country of origin, Iran, is neighboring war ridden Iraq.

“Although I wasn’t born in Iran, I have been there many times but never imagined that I would visit Iraq, particularly during the war”, comments Arash.
“Iraq-Can-Roll” is certainly a unique production that was shot during a two week period.

We are very proud of our American troops and wish them best and safe return to their homeland soon…