Cosmetic Surgeon Donates Surgery to Extreme Team Tampa

Dr. Joseph J. Castellano donated breast augmentation as part of a makeover to help Ariane Albergoa, a young woman with ectodermal dysplasia.

Online PR News – 06-September-2013 – Tampa, FL – Tampa, Florida (September 2013) – Extreme Team Tampa is a group of the area's finest physicians and healthcare professionals who have teamed up to help young women with special medical conditions receive much-needed surgeries, treatments and guidance. The Team's first patient is Ariane Albergoa, who suffers from ectodermal dysplasia. Dr. Joseph J. Castellano, a cosmetic surgeon based in Tampa-St. Petersburg, ( is honored to be able to donate his services to the project.

The “Ariane Project” is the first undertaking by the new team, which is spearheaded by Extreme Team Tampa business manager/CEO Tammy Bratcher. Professionals who have already donated their time and services in addition to Dr. Castellano include Dr. Mohammad R. Iranmanesh, DMD, and Andrew DiSimone.

“When you’re faced with a condition that has a clear physical impact, it can be very hard to feel positive about your outward appearance,” explains Dr. Castellano, a breast augmentation specialist in Tampa. “Just a few treatments can make a very big difference in this bright young woman’s life.”

Ariane Albergo lives in New York and was diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia at a young age. This disorder is not a single health issue, but instead is classified as a syndrome that includes a number of different conditions. Abnormalities in the ectodermal structures are the primary symptom of ectodermal dysplasia, affecting the hair, skin, teeth and nails as well as the sweat glands. The cranial-facial structure and formation of the fingers are also sometimes affected. Only about 7000 cases worldwide have been diagnosed.

A full spectrum of procedures has been included already as part of Ariane’s makeover. Those with ectodermal dysplasia often experience problems with malformed teeth, as well as insufficient tooth enamel; Dr. Mohammad R. Iranmanesh, DMD helped fit Ariane with a new set of dentures. The sparse hair growth associated with ectodermal dysplasia was another concern for Ariane. Her makeover services included a new wig from Andrew DiSimone, and permanent eyebrows from Tammy Bratcher. Breast augmentation from Dr. Castellano’s Tampa cosmetic surgery practice was performed for Ariane as well.

Ariane says the Extreme Team Tampa makeover will help her gain more confidence in herself and “live life without fear of rejection.” Passionate about music and photography, Ariane has started her own business called Ari-Promos, which offers exclusive interviews with favorite musicians as well as promotional services and photography for up and coming talent.

On the project’s Facebook page, Ariane wrote, "It's crazy to think in a year from now I will be a completely different young woman. Different life, Different Look, and Different outlook on life. I love it. I'm so Blessed."

“She’s a bright, talented and vibrant young woman, and I have no doubt she’ll accomplish every goal she’s set for herself,” adds Dr. Castellano. “I’m proud to have contributed in any small way to the confidence that will help get her there.”