Singapore Airlines evolves entire passenger cabins for 8 of its new Boeing 777 300ERs- TravelHouseUK

Singapore Airlines has opened its avenues of overhaul for its latest inductions of Boeing 777s by initiating to cover First, Business and Economy class cabins with new designs and arrangements.

Online PR News – 06-September-2013 – London - England - UK - 05-09-2013 – TravelHouseUK has always recommended the travel options which are based on providing convenience and comfort for its clients travelling to and from the UK. According to the Telegraph, Singapore Airlines has unveiled new versions of its passenger cabins to be installed in its latest orders for Boeing 777 300ERs.

The latest designs have been tailored in accordance to the latest demands and feedback from the passengers, among whom the passengers travelling from London to Singapore will be prioritized to avail the new cabins first. Superior comfort will also help claim competition at all levels.

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The Boeing 777 300ERs installed with the new cabins will start serving flights to London from the month of September. As of present updates, a total of 8 of these new airliners have been chosen to have the new cabin overhaul across all class categories.

The LCD screens of entertainment systems across all three classes have been increased in their sizes, and HDMI cable services are being provided among the luxury classes. First class cabins have been increased in their width added with sidearm supports and will have revised aromatic interiors and lighting effects. Business class will have wider seats and more stowaway capacities. Even the economy class cabins have been brought under focus for evolution, having longer feet spacing, more comfortable linen chairs and headrests

Fermenting it brand as an airline of luxury class, Singapore Airlines has set its services exclusive with top notch designing and provisions. The airline has its hub of operations based at Changi International Airport while being the flag carrier airline of Singapore. It core focus has remained concentrated to specialize across the southern and central zones of Asia, and its major intercontinental outreach includes the Kangaroo route. Despite the country’s small size, the air carrier has primarily targeted an international market to remain massive with regard to expansion in operations. It remains an established member of the Star Alliance commercial aviation network.