eDrugSearch.com Is A Leading Comparison Site For Customers Who Need To Buy Drugs Online

eDrugSearch.com is a FREE drug price comparison engine for those who seek to safely buy drugs online from Canadian pharmacies.

Online PR News – 06-September-2013 – Spring Branch, Texas – With 50,000 different products in their online database, consumers can easily shop and compare the costs of prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies to save money. eDrugSearch.com makes the process much easier, and gives the ordinary American customer the choice of many different search engines and locations where they can look for cheap prescription drugs.

Dallas, TX - For those American customers whom are unable to drive across the Canadian border for cheaper medications, eDrugSearch.com provides access to reviews and listings of international pharmacies that sell prescriptions for cheaper. This site is a handy resource which has proven to be very helpful for all of those whom are looking to save on their monthly prescription costs while not having to worry about the quality of the products that they are receiving. Those looking to buy drugs online should look at eDrugSearch.com because of the track record the company has in providing quality products.

Pharmacy Reviews Ensure Quality Product

User-generated reviews for each of the pharmacies that eDrugSearch.com works with are listed on the company's website. This allows the pharmacy's customers to read online pharmacy reviews based on the experiences of other customers in the US or around the world. For customers whom are unsure about buying from an online pharmacy, they can be confident that the products that they are receiving are up to their standards with eDrugSearch.com. All Canadian pharmacies listed on the site are certified Canadian International Pharmacies by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Many pharmacies sell counterfeit products, so the reviews and the accreditation will ensure that consumers are buying from a trusted source of pharmaceutical products.

Easy to Search For and Order Prescription Drugs

All Canadian pharmacies are reviewed on eDrugSearch.com to ensure that their customers are only buying from trusted companies. The site itself is a comparison shopping engine that allows customers to compare one pharmacy to another and determine which is best for their needs. Customers can rely on these Canadian pharmacy reviews to find the right pharmacy for their needs. In most cases, finding the right product is simple and only takes a few minutes when the right search is done for your prescription medications.

Search For Products By Brand Name and Filter By Name of Pharmacy

After customers search for the drug by it's brand name, they are then able to filter the results by the name of the pharmacy and the price of the products. The process of ordering drugs is simple and consumers are able to order the product directly. Many different pharmacies appear under the search results, allowing customers to easily compare drug prices from multiple companies. There are also separate choices for brand-name and generic drug options for those whom are looking at one or the other only.

Helps Customers Locate Cheaper Drugs

Based in San Antonio, TX, eDrugSearch.com is a leading prescription drug search site which has grown organically without advertising. The company was founded in January of 2007 and was able to generate $2.1 Million in sales for partner pharmacies in a very short time period. Millions of Americans live without prescription drug coverage, creating a gap in the market for those whom need to access more affordable choices for their much-needed prescriptions. As a health 2.0 comparison site, eDrugSearch.com presents all of the options available to consumers in plain view. The goal of the company is to help close the prescription drug affordability gap.