ipad clone knockoff, Etronixmart release their 8inch Android 1.5 Tablet PC Apad Ipad

Here in China, people call clone products as shanzhai. Again, Apple ipad is cloned again- just before its released this time. Etronixmart released their 8inch Android 1.5 Tablet PC Apad Ipad.

Online PR News – 17-June-2010 – – Each time people will rush to Apple store after Apple release their new product. This time is the same as before- ipad is just released a few days ago. But cloning in China is so normal, then here ipad clone is released by Etronixmart.

"This is not totally copied ipad" Said Alfredwong when asking why they released their ipad."We just give one chance for those electronics gadgets fans who can not afford themselves to buy real ipad".

It is very clearly that people who are really ipad fans will never buy ipad clone. In fact, this is what Apple do for their customers. People will have enough money will consider to buy the real one. What ipad clone brings to is for fun.

"We just want to bring more suprise to gadgets fans all over the world" Alfred said,"We suggest people who want to enjoy the same experience from real ipad to buy the real one". In fact, you pay what you get. The clone is the clone one. But with almost the same function with real ipad. Let's check below.

8inch Android 1.5 Tablet PC Apad Ipad. This is best sales one in China. People in shenzhen are rushing to buy this clone ipad, because of its highly replica with real ipad. 8inch touch screen, Google Android OS, this Apad ipad clone may be the king of the China ipad in the market.

As we tested, the loading speed is a little slow- may be 15-25 seconds. But it really has a very good hand feed. The screen is very sensitive. Connect with WIFI is very good. 8inch big screen make it a really good ebook reader. The pictures is a different from the real product. It is silver not black arrond of the screen. If you are a really Apple fans, then we suggest you buy real ipad. But you can take a consider of this ipad clone from China if you can not afford yourself . The fake ipad is only 199.99 bulk.

The other one we know is”irobot apad Android 7 inch tablet pc“. This is smaller than the previous one but with a tiny cute screen.

This irobot ipad clone looks more thinner and lighter. Different from the first one we mentioned, it has built-in webcam. At the same time, color on this PC gets more real. Personal speaking, I would like to choose one. I love its tiny and soft hand feel. Of cause, its touch screen is very good. Finally, I recommend you to stay away from ipad clone if you want a real ipad enjoy. You pay what you get. ipad clone will never give you the same experience with ipad. But it is worthwhile to play with it.