Fizzik™ Browser Offers Social Gaming, Bold New Look

Latest release of the Realtime Media Browser™ includes enhanced design and native support for Adobe Flash® games.

Online PR News – 17-June-2010 – – Spry Hive Industries LLC. announced the availability of the latest release of Fizzik™, the browser built for today’s social and real-time Web. On top of improvements in navigation and tabbed browsing, version 0.30 adds Heyzap’s online game service to Fizzik’s growing list of supported Web services.

“Fizzik is designed to make the Web more fun, and games are all about fun.” said Paul Scarpa, CEO and co-founder of Spry Hive. “But finding great games online can be hard, and too often game play is limited by Web page clutter. By integrating with Heyzap, we’ve made online games easier to find and enjoy.”

The inclusion of the Heyzap game service gives Fizzik™ customers access to an inventory of over 25,000 Adobe Flash® games searchable at the click of a button. Each game is displayed in Fizzik’s trademark “Pop” wide-screen view, and the browser’s built-in email, Twitter, and Facebook features let users share games and achievements with unmatched ease.

In addition to support for casual and social gaming, the latest version of Fizzik™ includes support for tabbed browsing and navigation across a wide range of media types. Version 0.30 gives users the ability to navigate across videos, Web pages, and social content, as well as manage separate multimedia sessions.

“Since the launch of our beta, folks have been telling us what they love about Fizzik, as well as what they miss about their old browsers” said Grant Blahaerath, CTO and co-founder. “By adapting some of those features to Fizzik’s online media approach we’ve made a big improvement in our customers’ Web experience.”

Fizzik™ runs on most Windows operating systems and is currently available as a free download for users registering at

Key features of Fizzik™ Beta Version 0.30:

Keep up with Online News and Buzz - Fizzik™ 0.30 leverages the powerful search capabilities of Bing, and Twitter to help you keep up with online news, shop and enjoy the real-time Web. By displaying search results right next to Web content, Fizzik™ lets you flip through items rather than toggle back and forth between search results and Web pages.

More Media Entertainment, Fewer Distractions - Fizzik™ 0.30 integrates directly with YouTube and the Heyzap video game service, allowing you to simply type in a query and enjoy your favorite videos and online games without distractions. No more reading pages of text descriptions and thumbnails to get the media experience you expect.

Unlock Social & Multimedia Content - Fizzik™ 0.30 automatically displays the content in your Twitter status updates, and lets you quickly share links using Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. Unlike many social media clients, Fizzik™ privately stores all the items that you post so that you can easily locate, enjoy and republish your favorite content.

About Fizzik™

Fizzik™ is a new kind of Web browser designed to make the Internet more fun. It brings your favorite online news, video and social media services together to offer you a seamless way to enjoy the best stuff on the Web. Fizzik™ is a creation of Spry Hive Industries LLC, a Microsoft Bizspark partner and developer of next-generation Internet applications based in Redmond, Washington.