Webinar Pitch Secrets of How to Profit from Free Webinars Revealed by Expert Marketer Jason Fladlien

Expert Internet Marketer, Jason Fladlien, reveals his secrets to achieving conversions of 40% and more with free webinars and shares how he has been earning $150,000+ in just hours thanks to a simple webinar he scripted.

Online PR News – 05-September-2013 – London, United Kingdom – Jason Fladlien, CEO of Rapid Crush, Inc. will be revealing some of his webinar pitch secrets in a special webinar on Thursday 05 September, 2013.

In less than two years, Jason Fladlien has made over $3 million dollars in revenue and webinars have been, and continue to be, a key factor in his income generation strategies. And from the volume of webinars that are being run by marketers nowadays, it's clear that many other marketers are also making a lot of money with webinars.

One reason why webinars are so popular is because of their potentially high conversion rates. Conversion rates of 5-10% on a sales page are considered good but are often challenging to achieve. However, conversion rates of 40% and more are not unheard of when it comes to webinars.

However, the current popularity of webinars does make it more challenging for marketers to get an audience to their event. Once upon a time, webinars were more of a novelty and so it was easy to get a large audience to attend your event – not any more. Jason Fladlien has noticed this trend and has a proven action plan to overcome these obstacles.

Still, some marketers are struggling to get started for other reasons. They think they lack the technical know-how to create their first webinar or they simply have stage fright and are terrified of presenting to a live audience – even in the virtual world.

Jason Fladlien runs several high-level training programs and his enthusiasm for Internet Marketing as well as teaching comes across in every one of his presentations. He is so confident about the "webinar pitch secrets" training he will be presenting that he has said:

"Give me almost anyone - I don't care how poor they are at presenting or even speaking coherently...with these webinar pitch secrets…I could take that person and turn them into a webinar black belt, high-converting pitch person in no time flat."

During this webinar he will reveal:

~ Why anyone who owns any type of website should host webinars unless, that is, they don't want to maximize the monetization of their websites.

~ The 3 biggest webinar blunders that beginners and pros alike are currently making that costs your attendees and sales in addition to damaging your reputation and branding.

~ The 3 biggest webinar opportunities right now that almost no one is aware of - two of these can be done by someone who is just starting out with no list, no reputation and no product.

This event on how to profit from webinars is free to attend and there will be a time-limited replay. For further details please visit the URL below:


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