Supernormal Satisfaction: Sonru Launch Candidate Support White Paper (Press Release)

Sonru have released a new white paper entitled,“Supernormal Satisfaction: 5 Sonru Support Stats.”

Online PR News – 05-September-2013 – London – 04 September 2013. Sonru, a global leader in the field of video interviews and selection, today announced the release of a new white paper entitled,“Supernormal Satisfaction: 5 Sonru Support Stats.”  The white paper presents metrics from real Sonru usage and candidate engagement benchmarked against Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Index with respect to candidates' support experiences.

Maiken O’Byrne, Head of Client Support at Sonru, commenting on the white paper’s publication, “Over the years, the client support team has received many favourable comments, emails and tweets thanking us for
our efficiency and friendliness. Today, we reveal the empirical data that puts this content on the record and we’re glad to announce that the figures have not let us down.”

Research Highlights

Sonru's first response time is more than 20 times faster than both the web applications industry and Zendesk's global benchmark.
Sonru provide multi-channel support with the appropriate staffing and skills to engage and resolve support issues.
Sonru performs well above average in terms of self-service customer support.
94% of candidates are satisfied with the Sonru support received, a ranking of over 10 percentage points above both the web applications industry and the global benchmark.
Over 60% of Sonru agents record 100% satisfaction while 88% of Sonru agents record over 90% satisfaction.

To receive a copy of the "Supernormal Satisfaction: 5 Sonru Support Stats" white paper, please contact: or 00 353 53 92 3760.