Property Network, the only property social network in the world has introduced an innovative new function that harnesses the power of social media, designed to help its users find exactly where they belong.

Online PR News – 05-September-2013 – London – After its beta launch in early 2012, Property Network, the leading social network for home owners and movers has now added an innovative new function designed to help its users find exactly where they belong. Property Network works with over 7000 agents and lists over 900,000 properties making it easily the largest social media property application and one of the largest property sites in the country.

After spending the last two years establishing its position as the estate agent’s number one Facebook-based property search solution, it now includes over two-hundred unique Community Pages which it says will revolutionise the property market and improve how consumers can research places of interest before viewing properties of interest.

Community Pages are hubs where you can find insider-information about an area or neighbourhood, either by speaking directly with existing residents or by using the social statistics provided. The unique backbone to this new feature is that it only uses data and content from its own community members, now at 500,000 and growing at 50,000 a week. This unique, rich data set allows users to obtain a real time snapshot of a community area. Community Pages are designed to help home movers answer questions such as; “Will we fit in here?” ”Where do our neighbours like to socialise?” ”What kind of friends are my children going to make.” These are questions that no estate agent or other website can answer.

Property Network is the brainchild of Sohail Rashid (28) who recently won The Coutts Bank sponsored Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He explained, “Our aim is to create a more transparent and better connected property market and as part of this we have launched Community Pages which will change the way people look for their next home forever. Not serious buyers and tenants can access much needed information and easily research a property, a local area and potential neighbours before they move in.”

Property Network provides information on an area’s top social check-ins, places to eat, bars, pubs, cafes, the different types of families, gender split, and the likes and interests of the individuals that live there. Community Pages also allow users to ask for advice from local property experts and the residents. It offers a free social network for home movers and property professionals.

Sohail continued, “You no longer have to rely on poorly built and complicated council websites; you can ask the real experts about a local area – the people who actually live there! So if you have any worries about the schools, commute times, when the bin men really come or how safe a street actually is, just ask the people of that community. Also, by using our social insights you can judge whether the area fits in with your lifestyle and social expectations. It’s no longer just about finding a property you can afford; it’s about finding where you belong. People don’t buy property alone so why search alone.”

Property Network is encouraging users to get in contact if they would like a Community Page for their area, free of charge. The site is available for all internet users but offers additional features for those that connect via Facebook.

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