50 Toys Launches '50 Shades of Grey' Line

Interest is still high in the 2011 trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, an exploration into the world of bondage that has sparked controversy and brought these practices into mainstream focus.

Online PR News – 05-September-2013 – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles, California — 50 Shades of Grey is turning out to be more than a brief summer-reading phenomenon. Although the author does not care for the term “mommy porn,” which has applied to the trilogy of books, it is obvious that the story of Ana Steele and Christian Grey has sparked public imagination and subtly changed the way society views previously taboo topics.

Now, 50 Toys is launching its own “50 Shades” line of adult sex toys and womens lingerie that are created in the spirit of this popular series.

Fifty Shades of Grey was released in 2011 by British author E.L. James and takes place in Seattle. The title tome is the first of a trilogy that documents the relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Steele is a college-educated woman who becomes involved in a cycle of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, practices that are labeled BDSM by those who have long been aware of these proclivities. The book series is notable for its explicitly described erotic scenes and the controversy it engendered upon release.

Those who are interested in the bondage or submission lifestyle have hailed the books as bringing these practices more into the mainstream of society’s consciousness and removing some of the stigma surrounding them.

For adults who are interested in the books or the lifestyles portrayed within, 50 Toys offers a full line of products to help them explore this experience. 50 Toys offers high-quality items that cater to any taste or lifestyle. 50 Toys is an adult-appropriate website that helps those who want to review items in the privacy of their own homes do so without having to shop in a bricks-and-mortar store. 50 Toys also provides a good way for adults to see what items look like and to read reviews about particular types of toys and objects before purchasing.

50 Toys can provide all the items needed to explore the 50 Shades of Grey lifestyle in a safe and controlled environment.

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About 50 Toys:

50 Toys is a distributor of adult toys including impact sex toys and chastity sex toys, as well as a wide variety of bondage materials and other items. For those who want to explore the more imaginative side of toys and appliances, 50 Toys provides a large variety of options designed to cater to every fetish or preference.

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