The Best eBay Alternative - ShopRink!

ShopRink is an eBay alternative launching in 2010. It has no listing fees and a fun shopping platform which both buyers and sellers will enjoy.

Online PR News – 17-June-2010 – – The best ebay alternative most people have no idea about is called ShopRink. ShopRink is still currently in development, but some buzz has already been growing about this new online shopping platform. One reason is their no listing fee policy. ShopRink does not believe in listing fees and feels sellers or merchants should be able to test a market free of charge because not all items or products will sell. Founder Shawn McConnon stated, "If a merchant is unable to sell a product on our platform then why would we charge a fee? It does not make sense for any merchant to pay a listing fee because there is no guarantee that the product will sell. We want to provide merchants the flexibility to test their product line with what consumers are valuing in today's marketplace." Finally, a company who realizes the importance of valuing sellers. Now this is an eBay alternative worth taking a look at.

ShopRink also will be providing some of the lowest fees in the industry when compared to major industry leaders like ebay, Amazon and Bonanzle. ShopRink has a pricing strategy they call "Pricing 1,2,3." The strategy is simple: for a product valued less than $50 the fee is $1 for a successful sell, for a product valued at $50 but less than $100 the fee is $2, finally any product priced at $100 or above is $3. This is one of the lowest pricing strategies you will find for a premium platform where a company is proactively advertising for you. Oh yes, ShopRink will be marketing their website via adsense and through other social media platforms after their launch.

ShopRink believes the low fees for merchants will trickle down to the end consumers as well. Founder Shawn McConnon said, "If our merchants can save on expenses they can competitively price their products at price points below major wholesalers and essentially offer better deals to buyers."

So why are ShopRink's fees so low? ShopRink's focus is on its users first. Most companies focus on profits and revenue first while ShopRink takes the opposite approach by focusing on reducing costs for its users while still providing premium services. This is why ShopRink is the best eBay alternative and it has not even launched yet.

If people are looking for an eBay alternative or a site like eBay then follow ShopRink at their blog. They have a couple videos and plan on releasing more as they get closer to their launch. ShopRink is an eBay alternative that finally delivers.

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