Accu Speedometer App for Android Now has Fighter Jet Like Display

Accu Speedometer Android app adds Heads Up fighter jet like Display and support for Tablets in a major update.

Online PR News – 04-September-2013 – Indianapolis/Indiana – The Accu Speedometer app for Android has just undergone a major update that adds a very unique Heads Up Display or HUD. The HUD features 6 different fonts. The display appears to float on the cars windshield like the HUD in a fighter jet.

It has a Speed Alarm that can be set with a Silence/Off feature and shows speed in 4 different formats: MPH, km/h, Knots and Meters per second. Powered by GPS it also includes a magnetic compass that shows directions whether moving or not. The speedometer shows speed very precisely. Below 20 MPH / 32 km/h speed is shown in decimal format and above 20 MPH it automatically switches to whole numbers. It can be used for sports, walking, hiking, jogging, running or cycling at lower speeds and for higher speeds in a car, motorcycle, boat or flying in an aircraft.

Accu Speedometer also shows current location in a very precise and unique way. It shows latitude and longitude in all 3 GPS coordinate formats at the same time. It displays: Decimal Degrees, Degrees / Decimal Minutes and Degrees / Minutes / Seconds. Also indicated are Altitude, GPS Accuracy, number of satellites used for location fix and overall signal strength of the satellites in use. It's now optimized for Tablets in addition to Phones.

It can be found in the Google Play Store with a search for: accu speedometer

By: Roemer Software,