First Real Time Ebook

Due to the speed of epublishing we have a new first; a real time book. Published yesterday, the book takes place in September of 2013. The Book is titled Healthcare Nation and the worlds of current news and novella collide on the pages.

Online PR News – 04-September-2013 – Chicago, IL – Healthcare Nation is the first real time ebook. Published yesterday; the book takes place in September of 2013. One year used to be light speed for a book to be published and therefore the art form of a novel or novella could never truly incorporate current events. Not so with Healthcare Nation; the novella (70 pages)tears down the myth of American Healthcare Delivery. As we proceed into national healthcare the simplest of questions are asked and answered. Why is healthcare so expensive and increases at triple the amount inflation annually? Why are we different than other countries with networks, PPOs, HMOs, copays and formularies? From 1893 to 1965, to 1973 to today follow a journey that answers these questions. Scandals at Blue Cross, Humana and United Healthcare dot this journey. It's a money game where collective bargaining rules medical providers and they argue not over what procedures costs but what they can get. Author D. Rockwell Crantz has worked 27 years in healthcare insurance. Google;type "healthcare nation crantz"