Video Alarm Verification Became More Affordable for an Average Homeowner

Adding a security camera to your home security systems drastically reduces the percentage of false alarms that usually slows police response. Now it became affordable for regular homeowners to add such feature monitoring to their security systems.

Online PR News – 03-September-2013 – Vancouver, BC – If you're a homeowner in Vancouver and get police to respond more than three times for false alarms from your house during one year, the city will revoke your alarm permit and charge you somewhere between $75 and $250 to get it back. And if you live in remote areas as Mission, RCMP can even not bother to show up, until they confirm that break-in really is taking place.

Police statistics shows that over 90% of the alarms are false. Security companies that offer alarm monitoring service confirm this figure (you can find more related statistics on

"We process a thousands signals a month in our station," said Ostin Rang from Security System Vancouver "Of those, about five hundred require some action from operator. And of those five hundred just about 50 is a real break-ins."

So our question is how can you confirm that your property is being broken into?
Remote web-based video monitoring and IP cameras made it affordable for average homeowners to monitor their houses in real time. You can even use your smartphone or tablet to get alarm alerts and see what is going on at your property.

"People can now see whether it's their pet wandering close to a motion detector or whether there's a stranger in their house," Ostin said. "The ability to connect two types of technology considerably enhances security systems because now an operator at the monitoring center knows whether it's a false alarm or not."

Some vendors sell a security and automation systems that uses video monitoring for less than a $100 a month. Such systems allow users to see in real-time what's going on in their houses from their mobile devices. Another vendors went further and offer laser detection system that are able to track movement and zero in on the intruders using a pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Those kind of systems are more expensive though and more suitable for small businesses than an ordinary homeowners.