Altar Call Pictures New Film

Altar Call Pictures much anticipated Christian/Bollywood film has audiences sitting on the edge of their seat with their awaited release. "Untimely Love" is a film that portrays the cultural and religious clashes between an Indian man, and an African American woman.

Online PR News – 03-September-2013 – Orlando, Florida – Altar Call Pictures latest film "Untimely Love (Asamayik Pyaar)" has been peaking the interest of many Christian film and Bollywood audiences around the globe. With the film's anticipated release date of Fall 2013, "Untimely Love" will captivate the hearts of viewers all over the world. Writer/Director/Founder of Altar Call Pictures, Kaylania Chapman, is very excited to see the final results of the film.

Untimely Love is a film about a young Indian man that falls in love with a African American woman. The two not only have racial differences, but religious differences as well. Rohan (played by Shahzaad Mohammed) finds himself attracted to and African American woman he casually meets. Since Monica is a Christian, she is a bit reluctant to even begin any sort of relationship with Rohan.

This film takes many unexpected twists and turns. Untimely Love stars Grae Marino, Shahzaad Mohammed, Tai Nelson, Matt Connors, Subir Goswami, Any Goswami, Rakhi Chowdury, Marjorie Tingle, and Devine Warren. With a superb cast of actors, Altar Call Pictures is anticipating great feedback from the audience. Untimely Love is expected to be released in the Fall of 2013 in located Central Florida independent theaters, television networks, and online streaming channels.Untimely Love's official film page is: