Kickstarter Campaign For The Film "Tiger Within-Forgiveness, Healing and Peace" Launching Labor Day

Filmmaker Rafal Zielinski, a two-time Sundance dramatic competition alumni, reunites with Gina Wendkos, screenwriter of "The Princess Diaries" to get funding for "Tiger Within" through a Kickstarter campaign launching on Monday, Labor Day.

Online PR News – 03-September-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – "Tiger Within" tells the unlikely story of the unlikely friendship between a homeless teen on the streets of New York and a Holocaust survivor. The film speaks positively of themes of "forgiveness, healing and peace" and the filmmakers feel it applies in a universal way to many areas and issues in the world at large.

The Kickstarter page can be viewed now at:

Their previous collaboration was on the Sundance entry "Ginger Ale Afternoon," Gina's first screenplay, based on her play of the same name.

The film almost came together several times in the past with well known casts attached on budgets larger than a million, but the filmmakers are starting with a modest goal of $100,000 hoping that the public will respond to the themes in the film and still achieve their dream of a million dollar budget like some recent high-profile Kickstarter campaigns - (enabling them to upgrade the production and use well known actors, and possibly eventual wider distribution). Several well know actors have circled the project in the past and Zielinski hopes to rekindle some of that interest.

Zielinski has been a member of the Kickstarter community for over two years and has supported dozens of young filmmakers' projects and has been preparing this campaign for two years. He hopes that the popularity of recent Kickstarter campaigns will allow some more seasoned filmmakers make some interesting movies that has been elusive in getting funded in Hollywood due to their more complicated and less commercial natures.

The project is being done as an non-profit endeavor through Film Art Planet, a nonprofit formed for the project. Gina has donated her script and the filmmaker is donating his time, hoping to get paid for directing only if the minimum funding goal of $100,000 is well surpassed.

As part of the preparation for the film, Zielinski took to the streets on both coasts and interviewed teenagers and people of all walks of life, as well as inspirational speakers from various religious backgrounds (a rabbi from the Museum of Tolerance, a priest for LA Archdiocese, a monk from the Buddhist Union, a Muslim professor, a Native American councilman) on the themes embodied in Gina's script and has been posting the interviews on line.

As well as injecting some of the wisdom and energy found in the streets into the movie, Zielinski's team hopes to eventually turn the hours of footage shot into a sister-documentary to share with schools and the public.

Pop musician Claire Boucher (Grimes) has allowed Zielinski to use tracks for her earlier album in the trailer and Zielinski is hopeful she will come aboard and compose the music for the film.

As part of their promotion of the Kickstarter campaign the filmmaker is hoping to make all donors, from $1 on, feel as part of the production team and "share the Associate Producer credit" at the end of the film and on the project website. Zielinski dreams of a wall of a million names and to send a positive and healing message to the world, during these complicated and challenging times!

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