TrakVan, An Exciting Opportunity for Music Artists and Fans
09/03/2013 is a hosted e-commerce solution offering artists the chance to set up an online store of their own. They can sell their music across any number of websites with its music player online. They can also set up a website on TrakVan’s servers.

Online PR News – 03-September-2013 – NSW – TrakVan gives music artists the chance to be heard, discovered and paid for their music online!

TrakVan is a unique opportunity for artists of all styles around the world to promote themselves and their music to a wide audience. It is a platform that lets artists set up and run an individualized music player online so that visitors can sample and purchase music.

How It Works

TrakVan leaves the control of music completely in the artist’s hands. Open an account. It’s easy and free. There are no hidden fees or upfront costs to join the community. Once registered, select a music player and begin building FREE websites for your music. Select from a wide range of embeddable players, Facebook share and page options.

The music players have an array of customization options. Set up a page for every album and single. There is no limit to the amount of music that an artist may upload. The player can be embedded all over the web. Share and promote music in as many places as possible, encouraging visitors to listen and purchase songs and albums.

TrakVan’s music player online has a Buy Now button. The artist is free to set prices, subject to an agreed minimum price. It accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. Rest assured the most advanced security measures are in place so that fans buying music will be protected on all fronts.

With the ability to embed the player across the web, fans can buy music via the built-in shopping cart anywhere. There are even coupons that can be used to entice fans to visit and buy music.