Launching with Crowdfunding

In order to get started with their forwarding services, the company Mailbox Germany from Merseburg has launched a project at Vision Bakery

Online PR News – 03-September-2013 – Merseburg, Germany – Hermann Hetzer, the founder of Mailbox Germany wants to overcome the last financial obstacles via crowdfunding before starting with the services of Mailbox Germany. The goal is to raise the amount of €8,392.50 between August 26 and October 15 on Vision Bakery For that reason an own video has been made, as well as various reward packages for supporters have been prepared.

"The world is a village" - Hermann Hetzer introduces the crowdfunding video and further explains what should actually be financed. From all over the world it will be possible to make orders from German dealers. Especially from those, that usually do not ship abroad.
The orders will be directed to the personal german delivery address in Merseburg and after a short stopover forwarded to the customer to any place all over the world.

However, a little more assets are needed before the service actually starts working. The Crowdfunding will be carried out by VisionBakery, one of the four biggest german crowdfunding platforms, located nearby in Leipzig. All the supporters, depending of the amount invested, will get different attractive compensations. These vary from a free annual subscription at Mailbox Germany up to a flexible solar panel and other gimmicks that will make your support tastful.
If everything works according to the plan, Mailbox Germany will be set up before the holiday shopping season. And the chances are promising - more than fifty percent of the crowdfunding projects at Vision Bakery are successful.