Rehab Center Support Launches Their Battle against Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Rehab Center Support launches a campaign for better rehabilitation and treatment for victims of drug abuse. The rehabilitation center in London aims to support patients and victims looking for treatment and information regarding drug and alcohol abuse.

Online PR News – 03-September-2013 – London – London, UK – 09/02/2013 – A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center based in London has renewed their campaign to help people who are suffering from substance addiction. Rehab Center Support offers medical, psychological and spiritual treatment for drug abuse. The company stated in their website,, that their aim is to provide support and information to people who are currently battling drug addiction. The company expresses their sentiment towards drug addiction in their website. They recognize the negative effects of drug dependence to the user and the people around him. Rehab Center Support wishes to lend professional help so that patients will be free from drug dependence. The homepage of the company’s website has listed the approach that they will do to make an effective treatment against substance addiction. The company utilizes a 12 steps strategy to cure addiction. The strategy revolves around admission, self determination, realization, and proper coordination with the right people. The company believes that the strategy will help drug addicts overcome their predicament. The treatment involves a combination of medical interventions, therapies, counseling, meditation, and spiritual support. The strategy was first adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous to rehabilitate people with drinking problems. The strategy’s main aim was to help victims realize that alcohol dependence is wrong and that they have the strength to resist it. The company shares the same sentiment and they believe that their rehab centers in London will provide a solution for drug dependency problems.

Drug dependency leads to a lot of physical, mental, and social problems. People suffering from drug abuse are likely to commit crimes just to sustain their addiction. The substance can severely affect their physical and mental state. Drug overdose is also a common cause of death by drug addicts. Drug addiction can also cause problems to the people around the victim. The lives of the victim’s family and friends can be affected because of his addiction.

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Rehab Center Support is a London based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Their address is 153 Harley Street, London, UK. Their website is For more inquiries call them at 0208 144 1866 or email them at

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