Google Caffeine Update 2010 Page Rank Impact Analysis

Search Engine Optimization Internet marketing firm shares their PageRank analysis based on research involving the Google Caffeine 2010 algorithm and infrastructure update.

Online PR News – 16-June-2010 – – Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing agency shares page rank analysis of the Google Caffeine 2010 algorithm and infrastructure update based on six months of research, monitoring, testing and feedback. A study that involved independently tracking select websites, documented client results and the application of leading SEO techniques.

This ongoing study was conducted by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing and was initiated in the fall of 2009. Since that time Irbtrax has been actively sharing Google Caffeine analysis, updates and applications and intends to continue as new information surfaces. Much of the published content can be found on the Irbtrax Google Caffeine Updates page, a section of their website dedicated solely to the Caffeine algorithm and infrastructure change. For more information view the Irbtrax website displayed beneath the (Media Information) section of this release or visit:

To read an article that outlines leading practice on site Search Engine marketing conversion tips for businesses that was published the day before Google made its official 'Our new search index: Caffeine' announcement- visit:

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "It's important to clarify that while a high PageRank isn't the only means for a website to be discovered during Google searches, as evidenced by other methods and offerings under Caffeine, it's obviously the most coveted organic accomplishment."

What follows is a brief summary of the findings of this research with regards to practices that appear to impact page ranking under Google Caffeine. For more comprehensive details contact Irbtrax using the methods contained in their website.

Practices that appear to positively enhance PageRank under Google Caffeine:

Unique, original and relevant content appears to be favorable and consistent with Google’s stated mission to enhance User Search experience where applicable. A mission further evidenced by a reduction in SERP's for specific keyword phrases Irbtrax has tracked that don't relate to real time events.

The quality, not the quantity, of organically created external inbound links and the relevancy of internal outbound links. The quality of link 'votes' appears to take precedent over sheer quantity and is consistent with Google's goal of clamping down on various non organic link building methods.

Website page download rates. While it's not readily clear that Caffeine is placing any significant emphasis on download rates at this time, Irbtrax notes that Google engineers have alluded to an 'all things being equal' philosophy at times. A philosophy that's believed to be part of a forward thinking approach to User Search experience and the continuous growth of wireless searches.

Practices that appear to negatively impact PageRank under Google Caffeine:

- Link farming. The cross linking between unrelated websites within a group of sites that have no relevancy to each other. Mass link creation using third party software that creates links to sources regardless of the quality or relevancy of their content.

- A lack of clarity in the theme of the website's primary landing page, or the inclusion of multiple conflicting themes, that make the site difficult to accurately index.

- Meta Title, Description and Header tags that contain conflicting information or don't accurately and concisely reflect the website's content.

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