World Cup 2010 Social Media Marketing Strategies Group D Scores Results

World Cup 2010 Social Media marketing strategy group D analysis reveals top scorers from among the official FIFA corporate sponsors.

Online PR News – 16-June-2010 – – The World Cup™ has commenced and the following Social Media marketing strategies involving official FIFA sponsors have already achieved visible success. Success using Social Media strategies involving unique Facebook, Twitter, live Blogs, Mobile Apps and YouTube social networking applications to connect with World Cup™ fans by leveraging its tremendous global popularity. A global popularity that is expected to exceed the 2010 Winter Olympics, Super Bowl and all other highly viewed sporting events.

Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing results and Market Research analysis will be monitoring many of these Social Media marketing campaigns and will be publishing a series of press releases and articles to report on them. Press releases and articles containing brackets featuring groups of Social Media marketing 'contestants' along with details to support the reasons they stand out.

After the conclusion of the World Cup™ Irbtrax will revisit each bracket and choose a 'Social Media World Wide Cup' (1) winner based on criteria that includes popularity, creativity and an indication of success. The winners will be featured cost free in visible online submissions that include an explanation of why they were chosen and supported by data where available. What follows is a list representing choices for the fourth bracket in the Irbtrax 'Social Media World Wide Cup' (1) market research promotion.

Bracket D 'contestants':

Castrol and their "Live Tracker, World Cup Match Predictor, Ronaldo Zone and the greatest 11 Legends" features. Includes Facebook, Twitter and a selection of unique videos. Easy to navigate site that also provides mobile applications (Apps).

Continental and their ContiSoccerWorld site. Provides an opportunity to Register and choose your favorite team so you will "receive the latest team news, group rankings, match schedule and much more." Site features are available in several languages and includes a variety of contests.


MTN Global and their MTN Football roundup behind the scenes Blogs, Fantasy World Cup game and downloadable Mobile phone content including live updates. Also features news and stories about Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

McDonald's and their Ultimate World Cup Fan site. Which features a 'Crowd Shout and Fan Face' competition stating "Time to prove your super fandom. Join the challenge and compete against other fans from your country." Offers prizes and promises winners a Rock Star treatment.

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About: Irbtrax provides Social Media Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Media Optimization results and Market Research solutions for businesses seeking a competitive advantage. Including optimizing your online marketing efforts for Google Caffeine and a keen focus on results. (1) The 'Social Media World Wide Cup' is not affiliated in any manner with the FIFA World Cup.

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