Official launch of Roro / Car Shipping website

We are a Car Shipping Company that provides shipping and logistics services for Cars, Sport Utility Vehicles, Trucks, Automotive, Recreational Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Boats, Water Craft and Motorcycle's at low rates from the USA to over 200+ countries worldwide.

Online PR News – 02-September-2013 – Wilmington Delaware – provides vehicle shipping and transport services for individuals and companies exporting Cars, SUVs’, Trucks, Wheeled Equipment and other Auto's to over 200 plus countries worldwide. We have an extensive network of shipping lines along with our custom tailored software that allows us to provide quick rate quotes to customers. We ship vehicles by two methods Containerization and Roro otherwise known as roll on roll off. Cargo that cannot fit into a container must be shipped by RORO which is the cheapest way to ship vehicles, cars, trucks, autos and boats as containers have to be packed and transported to the terminal and may take up more space than necessary. Cars, SUV’S, Trucks, Wheeled equipment and all other auto’s are strapped down and loaded below deck into the hull of the ship that is completely weather proof. No exposure to the elements or salty air / water. For the Container Shipping method we provide 20" and 40" containers which have to be retro fitted with webbing and straps to keep the vehicles in place while shipping. We always recommend RORO Shipping. That's not to say that RORO shipping is always better than Container shipping but if you are relocating overseas and have other items to send with the vehicle then RORO is not an option for you. Or you may be shipping to a port which is only serviced by container vessels then this is the method for you. is the brain child of Kevin PC Blake of Ready Venture Corp and it is our main goal to provide the highest possible quality of service to our customers. Feel free to contact us to provide you with a low cost, trouble free and a reliable service with the highest possible standards in Car Shipping. Visit our website at or call 917-397-7229 for the Premiere Car Shipping Company on the web.

" has been online for almost one year now and we now feel it is time for an official launch as we have received rave reviews from many satisfied customers" said Kevin P.C. Blake Founder.