Magento ecommerce development company conducts webinar on magento optimization

Magento is the most preferred ecommerce development platform but it’s not untouched from challenges which are collectively categorized under magento optimization. Read more!

Online PR News – 01-September-2013 – Hicksville/New York – Magneto is undoubtedly the leading ecommerce platform in the market these days. Backed by a large number of extensions, magento stands out as the most preferred ecommerce frameworks against other platforms for magento ecommerce developer India. However despite the advantages, magento based websites suffer with long page loading duration that increases the bounce rate of the website leading to lesser conversions and sales. The challenge of a slow magento ecommerce site is quite common but it can also be solved with a few steps that are collectively known as Magento Optimization.

To address some of the major concerns pertaining to magento optimization, Openxcell has recently conducted a webinar focused on some of the major challenges pertaining to magento optimization. “Being an experienced magento ecommerce developer India, we streamlined our webinar on some of the key factors that emerge as the root concern for magento merchants” says Jayneel; director of Openxcell Technolabs. Openxcell has designed; developed and deployed a number of e commerce stores of all scales and has extensive experience dealing with the optimization of magento sites. The webinar focused on highlighting issues that calls for magento optimization such as-

• Use of Large number of JAVASCRIPT and CSS
• Slow performance due to multiple associated tables
• High number of database log tables
• Slow performance due to image loading
• Improve performance with caching
• Hosting on Amazon Cloud Server

Magento ecommerce development experts at Openxcell say that these are some of the major challenges that are faced by each and every merchant associated with a magento based e-store. On one hand where large merchants can deal with optimization issues comparatively with ease; medium and small merchants are always challenged by a tradeoff between the budget and the output they desire out of their ecommerce stores. Hence these companies look towards optimization solutions from such online events that are free and backed by the knowledge capital of highly experienced magento ecommerce development experts.

Overall, the webinar conducted by Openxcell was a great success. A large number of attendees learned about the optimization challenges associated with magento. For small and medium enterprises the webinar was a valuable piece of presentation that solved a lot of challenges associated with their ecommerce stores and its optimization, they face every day with their ecommerce store.

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