Skål International donates to orphans in Haiti

President Skål International Nik Racic donates Euros 20,000 Euros to SOS Children"s Villages - Skål members in 89 countries donated to victims of the catastrophic earthquake. Frankfurt am Main, 2. June 2010. ...

Online PR News – 17-June-2010 – – Frankfurt am Main, 2. June 2010. Nik Racic, President Skål International, presented a cheque for Euros 20,000 to Nadja Malak, responsible for enterprise sponsorship in the relief organisation SOS Children"s Villages, at the InterContinental Hotel in Frankfurt on Thursday, 27 May 2010. The network supports the work of the relief organisation, SOS Children"s Villages, on the Caribbean island of Haiti with the amount donated by members in 89 countries following a request for donations from the Skål Executive Committee. German Skål members contributed nearly one third of the amount, namely Euros 6,500. SOS Children"s Villages runs two villages on the Caribbean island affected by a terrible earthquake at the beginning of this year.

"With our initiative we want to contribute to relieving the distress of those poor, orphaned children and we want to pay tribute to the great work done in the SOS Children"s Villages", Nik Racic (Croatia) said when handing over the cheque in presence of Skål Director Karine Coulanges (France), German Skål President, Thomas Aurich and Skål General Secretary Jim Power. Thomas Aurich added: "Every member had already given before privately, so it is impressive that we were able to collect a further Euros 6,500 in Germany." As if that was not enough: when the Skål visitors to IMEX met in line with the dinner at the InterContinental Hotel they donated another Euros 700. "Our donations account will remain open until the end of June and contributions for the SOS Children"s Villages on the Caribbean island arrive further on", Karine Coulanges explained who started the fundraising campaign directly after the catastrophe happened. The first Euros 5,000 for the SOS Children"s Villages came only one week later.

"We will take the money for reconstruction. Thereby the children"s well-being is in the forefront. We want to build another Children"s Village and another school in Haiti" said Nadja Malak who was delighted with the valuable support from Skål. "Even after the first help it is important to encourage people there. We continue to search for family members of the children and we look after families - medically as well as psychologically. Furthermore we contribute with the building and expansion of accommodation and educational institutions to offer a good future to the children."

The worldwide tourism network Skål International wants to keep in close contact with the SOS Children"s Villages, to support the relief organisation and observe the use of the donation. "It is important for our members who like to support social projects and relief actions", Skål General Secretary Jim Power said.

Background information:

Skål International, the global network of entrepreneurs and executives in the tourism industry, currently has about 20,000 members in 89 countries, who are organised in 480 local clubs. According to the articles of association, membership is personal, corporate memberships are not permitted.

Skål, which was founded in 1934, is the oldest network in this economic sector. Up to now it is the only one that operates worldwide, uniting members from all areas of tourism industry, hotel sector and transportation business. Its members maintain friendly relations and mutually support one another in their business development. Furthermore Skål advocates sustainable tourism development, supporting and encouraging young professionals in the industry is one of its declared objectives.

The German branch - Skål International Deutschland - with the suffix "Vereinigung deutscher Wirtschaftsclubs für Tourismus", i.e. union of German economic associations for tourism, has about 2,000 members in 32 clubs between the Alps and the Baltic Sea.

The name "Skål" is derived from the Scandinavian symbol of hospitality. That hospitality was what a group of travel agency employees from Paris experienced in 1932 when they were travelling in Northern Europe on an educational tour. The desire to have friends with the same professional interests all over the world led to the foundation of the network which quickly spread throughout extensive parts of the world.

By supporting SOS Children"s Villages in Haiti, once again Skål members are channelling their social responsibility commitment by making an effort to help children. For several years the tourism professionals, hoteliers and transportation experts have already been supporting ECPAT, the children"s protection organisation that takes action against sexual abuse of children in countries that are travel destinations.

The extent of the disaster on the Caribbean island of Haiti after the severe earthquake on 12 January 2010 has shocked Skål members worldwide. Their desire to help is clearly evident from the amount of the donation. As a consequence of the most severe earthquake in the history of the American continent 300,000 people lost their lives, 1.3 million islanders were left homeless or lost everything. Even before the earthquake Haiti was one of the poorest countries in the world.

The work of the SOS Children"s Villages in Haiti began in 1979. At present there are two SOS children"s villages and two SOS facilities for adolescents, two vocational training centres, two schools as well as four SOS social centres on the island. The SOS children"s village of Santo was built in 1984, about twelve kilometres from Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti. It consists of 19 family houses with space to accommodate 190 children, a community building, a building for the village director, and a building for the SOS aunts and a small medical ward.

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Skål International, the global network of entrepreneurs and executives in the tourism industry, currently has about 20,000 members in 89 countries, who are organised in 480 local clubs.
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