ASUS Announces ROG Tytan G70 Gaming Computer

ASUS has unveiled the ROG Tytan G70, which is a high end, top specification gaming computer designed for those that love their gaming and have a massive wallet to boot.

Online PR News – 31-August-2013 – Glasgow – ASUS has unveiled the ROG Tytan G70, which is a high end, top specification gaming computer designed for those that love their gaming and have a massive wallet to boot. ASUS has not yet released a price but with a transforming case, water cooled processor, and the latest NVIDIA GeFore GTX780 graphics card it is at the very top end of the gaming charts so will have a price tag to match when it is released.

The single biggest talking point is the Transformer mode. Gaming computers are known for getting seriously hot especially when gamers overclock the processor. Water cooled systems are nothing especially new, and neither are systems with a series of fans. However, the ROG Tytan G70 goes some way beyond both of these features. As soon as you hit the Turbo button, the case opens to reveal six front facing and two rear facing fans which combine with two fans in the bottom grille to give a total of ten fans. Combined with the water cooled system and the ROG certainly shouldn’t overheat any time soon.

Users will not need to turn off or reboot the system to enter Turbo mode either, and when turning Turbo mode off there are sensors in the case to ensure that fingers do not get trapped inside. The LCD lights behind the grille, which are normally blue, turn to red once the Turbo mode has been initialised. If gaming computers need a party piece then, in this respect, the ROG Tytan G70 certainly will not disappoint.

Rather than having to use one of the available USB ports to charge smartphones and other wireless devices, the ROG Tytan G70 offers Qi wireless charging too. Not all devices can be charged in this way but an increasing number of handsets are available that will. Simply sit the device on the unit and it will charge.

The processor used is an i7-4770k. It has a standard clock speed of 3.7GHz but at Turbo level 1 it will reach an Overclock of 3.9GHz and at Turbo level 2 it will reach 4.1GHz. There are gaming computers out there with more generous numbers than this but the biggest number doesn’t always mean the best system.

Pre-built gaming computers are becoming an increasingly difficult sell for manufacturers. An increasing number of people are putting their own rigs together from scratch rather than paying a small fortune to purchase towers like these and it is manufacturers like Alienware that have the majority of the marketshare.

ASUS is yet to announce the price of the latest ROG system but it will not be cheap. Consumers should expect to pay roughly the equivalent of around $5000 when it is eventually released, and the release date is something else that has not been announced. It is expected, though, that the ROG Trytan G70 will be available in time for the Christmas rush, even though it probably won’t prove that popular a Christmas present.

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