SmartFit Personal Training Teams with Local Paleo Bar Entrepreneur

SmartFit Gym has formed a strategic partnership with Liz _____, founder of Prolifically Paleo and creator of the Paleo Bar.

Online PR News – 31-August-2013 – Surrey CANADA – Vancouver, BC—SmartFit Gym has formed a strategic partnership with Liz _____, founder of Prolifically Paleo and creator of the Paleo Bar.

"SmartFit and Prolifically is the natural partnership because one of the key elements in our personal training is personal nutrition," explained Travis Steward, owner of SmartFit Personal Training, "We review each client's lifestyle, fitness goals, and body composition and incorporate paleo nutrition planning to help them achieve the most lean and healthy body ever."

Prolifically Paleo is based in the lower mainland, and offers the only paleo-diet specific nutrition bars that are completely local.

"Our goal was to provide snacks and meal replacements for those who want to eat healthy but don't have the time to cook meals," Liz ___ said, "Protein bars are everywhere, but if you're following a Paleo Diet, very few are suitable for your needs. I wanted to change that."

Paleo nutrition—or the Paleo Diet—is a regimen that focuses on eating the foods mankind ate prior to the Agricultural Revolution. According to many experts on Paleo nutrition, humans were at their leanest and healthiest before grains and foods processed from grains came on the scene. Travis Steward's goal in creating the bars was to incorporate the paleo nutrition philosophy her family enjoyed with all those who want to follow this same eating plan.

For more information about SmartFit Personal Training or the Prolifically Paleo, email or call 604-367-6755.

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About Prolifically Paleo

Prolifically Paleo produces 100% paleo health bars and other foods that conform with a Paleolithic Diet. All the products are organic, gluten-free and all-natural. Processed foods or ingredients containing GMOs are never used.

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