Samlinasoft Software launches PhotosAlive! Android app

Samlinasoft proudly announces the release of their PhotosAlive! wifi digital photo frame application.

Online PR News – 31-August-2013 – Melbourne, Australia – According to Chief Marketing Officer Sam Lina, the PhotosAlive! software turns any android tablet into a wifi digital photo frame with specifications which outperform nearly all of the existing hardware only wifi digital frames on the market.

“Your typical hardware only wifi digital photo frame gives you a 800x600 resolution and costs close to US $200 or over. For that kind of price you can get an android tablet with a resolution of 1200x800 or higher and put our software on it turning it into a high spec digital photo frame” according to Ms Lina.

“It pretty much makes buying hardware only wifi photo frames completely pointless, you’re basically paying top dollar for a lesser product. All phone cameras shoot in at least 1200x800 pixels, your digital photo frame should be able to handle that kind of resolution easily.”

The PhotosAlive! app is able to source photos from a dropbox account as well as other online cloud providers. It also allows you to email photos to the frame.

“Most of our hardware only competitors that have ‘email to frame’ functionality insist that you use their email addresses and their email servers. So you’re pretty much relying on them to ensure that your photos are secure and protected; as well as locking you into their ‘walled garden’ – you can’t exactly take your photos and leave if you want to use their hardware frame. Well we don’t think that’s good enough, our app allows you to use whatever email provider you want. You can switch and change email providers as many times as you like.

As part of celebrating Australian Father’s Day, Samlinasoft are giving a 40% discount off the normal retail price of their software until 02/08/2013. For details check the Google Play store:

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