SubmitINme Announces the Launch of Responsive Web Design Service

With what Google revealed a few months back about their plan to roll out ranking changes to address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users, the need for a responsive web design is on the high!

Online PR News – 31-August-2013 – 8/28/2013, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu – Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu Understanding the importance of incredibly increasing mobile traffic in the current SEO pace, SubmitINme launches the new Responsive Web Design service.

Announcing the launch of their new service, the Business Development Manager of the company said, "In the present age of smartphones, where people are glued to their android mobiles, tablets, and notebooks, they no longer carry their laptops as they used to. Getting adapted to this smart phone era is only possible for business websites that are mobile friendly. We understand the inevitability of this need and have launched this new service to meet the needs of our clients."

SubmitINme has been providing turnkey SEO and SMO solutions for clients worldwide since 2002. In recent times, they have been providing the best Local SEO, infographics and content creation packages.

"This high end mobile website design is capable of crafting websites in such a way to provide the best viewing experience across a diverse range of devices from personal computers to mobile phones. Making your website mobile-friendly not only engages customers but offers you SEO benefits too like reduced page load time, effective indexing of search engines and also higher serps", the company spokesperson added

As an introductory offer, Submitinme offers Responsive Web design for mobile devices at 2 different discounted rates of $169 and $299 respectively for the 3-layout and 7-layout designs.

About SIM:

SubmitINme is a NASSCOM-accredited SEO company based in South India offering top notch SEO and SMO solutions. With a team of 100+ dedicated SEO professionals, SIM has been serving thousands of customers with their decade-old industrial experience. For more info, visit