now as Chrome Plug-Ins
08/30/2013, first IRS tax certified service provider, offering the best to the customers. Apart from technical support, we have come up with new Chrome App, Extension and theme to ease your browsing experience.

Online PR News – 30-August-2013 – TN, Frankin – is the first IRS Certified Service Provider, offering varied services to ease your e-filing process. With the advancement of time, we have always believed in upgrading ourselves with latest technologies, making moves to reach our target audiences and fulfilling their requirements.

We have been offering various features like Text Alert, Fax Alert, including our Micro Site. However, after trying our hand with basics, we decided to launch Chrome App, Extension and Theme to simplify trucker’s load, send across updates and stay in touch with us, even while being behind the wheels. When we talk about, we believe in providing you the best as that’s what comes back to us “THE BEST RESPONSE”. Though we are surrounded by competitors of various sizes, supporting different features and more truckers, we believe in being simple, innovative and unique all the while.

Google Chrome being one of the most demanded browsers with facilities like app and extension, we finally launched Chrome App, Extension and Theme to sustain easy access on-the-go. From interesting apps to innovative extensions and colorful themes are available on Chrome Web Store simply to give your window a sophisticated look.

Chrome App:

These apps are nothing but the website itself, customized into an app or say an easy way to reach the website. They resemble bookmarks just that we make a place on your ‘new tab page’. And you don’t have to worry about their alignment or, synchronization. Our chrome app acts like bookmark for people who are not so good at remembering things, connecting in one simple click. At our end, things have not changed yet and never would!

Chrome Extension:

As you are on road and other important task is already listed in your schedule, things actually don’t fall in place. However, you don’t have to worry about updates as our new Chrome Extension has already stepped in the list, serving you with inputs regarding E-filing, information on new blogs posted by our tax expert and stay connected with our tax2290 network built on social media platform. They are simple, easy to install and acts an update messenger for all truckers out there. You can be sure; you would not miss out anything.
If you have not filed your taxes yet, you are lucky. Indeed. Avail 10% discount on your e-filing fee by using code “EXETAX2290”. You would have various reasons to file late, but we provide you reasons to file before the deadline. After all, we care for you.

Chrome Themes:

We wired our brains, plugged out the creativity and combined with simplicity to create new, different yet colorful theme to adapt your browser window with new attractive. Truckers have the opportunity to choose the theme they like about trucking.
With this, we like you all to check out our Chrome App, theme and extension and install them if we have done a good job. However, we have another offer for our Smartphone users. We have launched our Smartphone Android app to simplify your filing on-the-go and you receive your schedule-1 copy within minutes.

The season started with a hype of filing and ending with the hype of extended due date. As August 31st lies on a weekend and Sept 2nd is Labor Day, IRS will be unavailable from 10 p.m. Eastern time Saturday Aug.31, 2013, through 5.30 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday Sept 3, 2013. Keeping this in mind, do file your E-file return form 2290 without fail on or before the due date or penalty would slightly be heavy on you.