Koyal Group Creates AIM Index Fund

Tokyo Based Equity Researcher Koyal Group will create a diversified AIM fund in order to create a safe long term investment for clients, taking advantages of numerous tax benefits.

Online PR News – 30-August-2013 – TOKYO, Japan – TOKYO, Japan -- Koyal Group believes that there is huge profit potential in the FTSE´s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and will create an actively managed fund to invest into the market. The AIM is comprised of startup companies and established firms with less market capitalization, who are looking to raise capital. Koyal Group is confident in smaller British companies as employment figures have been raising as the economy recovers, due to government stimulus packages and quantitative easing. There are also a number of tax advantages that will interest clients of Koyal Group and the wider investment community.

As of August 5, 2013 AIM investments will be permitted into ISAs making any profits earned free of income and capital gains tax; a huge incentive for UK based investors. The British government has also announced plans to eliminate stamp duty from AIM shares in April of 2014. This will benefit our clients who are looking to make a long term high yield investment.

“Koyal Group will create a diversified fund, investing in a number of sectors with a focus on telecommunication and health care. I believe that diversification will protect our clients for the volatile nature of the AIM. Our fund will consist of forty handpicked companies that we believe have serious growth potential. Twenty percent of the funds capital will be invested into telecommunication and health care sectors respectively, the remaining 80% will be spread over a variety of sectors including; technology, energy, and consumer goods and services,” said CEO Edward Neilson during an interview.

Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions, Mr. Peter Keller said, “We will increase our staff in order to meet the research demands of this new fund. With smaller companies there is often a lack of publicly available information, so it is extremely important to do on site evaluations of potential investments as well as meeting the company´s management team. An early favorites of mine is Alliance Pharma, a company which cheaply buys existing health care brands in order to generate profits.”