Quality Thermopack Inaugurates New Division of Thermocole Bags & Wall Hangings

EPS packaging materials in India have a versatile use in different arenas from kitchen corners to industrial zone. It also finds extensive use in spa salon as an insulated tub cover to keep the heat intact irrespective of temperature setting.

Online PR News – 30-August-2013 – Bangalore – Bangalore, India, 27th August 2013: Quality Thermopack, a leading Thermocole Manufacturers Bangalore company has added a new wing to their production division. From now on, they will be manufacturing bean bags and decorative thermocole pieces. The company website qualitythermopack.com has already been updated with news about the latest venture of Quality Thermopack. At the inaugural ceremony, the company CEO said, “Thermocole or polyester foam is one of the most used materials in our day-to-day life. You are already familiar with Thermocole Sheets, packaging boxes, foodstuff containers, ice boxes, mouldings, blocks, insulation and EPS. Now, we’ll expose you to an amazing array of decorative items and bags made from thermocole”.
Expanded Polystyrene foam or EPS is a widely popular material used for different purposes as already mentioned by the company CEO. Multi-purpose uses of EPS have made it an omnipresent material in packaging industry. It is a closed-cell foam sand of different structures and characteristics. This is made from polystyrene beads expanded with help of steam pressure and after that, tied together to give the shape of blocks and other things as per purpose of use. It is extremely important to conform to industry-standard thickness, density and strength while manufacturing EPS as quality disorders lead to health hazards.
“As a leading name, we have never made any compromise when it comes to quality. We use only high grade raw EPS Packaging Materials in India and follow the most advanced process of manufacturing. Every product manufactured by us complies with the international standard. The same applies to our new segment offering a wider range of thermocole bags and show pieces. These are designed to last for a long time. They also offer high level of comfort and don’t demand much attention for maintenance. You can use the bags to carry light-weight materials. Hang the decorative items to add style and characters to your wall and entire interior on the whole”, he said.
Apart from quality, design, versatility, there is another factor which the common users are most concerned about and it is cost. Even the high-end launches find no buyers if they come heavy on wallet. “Yes, we are very much aware that cost is a big factor that either wins the customers or scares them away. Though our all products are high on quality and designs, price does not hurt, that’s our guarantee”, he concluded.
Quality Thermopack, is a leading name in the industry of thermocole products manufacturing. The company produces a wider breadth of thermocole products including food trays, granite packing boxes, ice boxes, sheets, blocks, moulding etc. And it has recently ventured out into manufacturing of thermocole bags and decorative items. Quality materials and variations in designs are the mainstays of products from Quality Thermopack.