EVOVE Inc. Releases Saundz 1.5

Evove Inc. today announced the release of version 1.5 of Saundz - American English pronunciation software.

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Saundz is a software application for learning American English pronunciation that helps learners efficiently practice pronunciation and improve their speaking skills. The application is based on a curriculum consisting of 37 chapters and 161 lessons that teach the 40 sounds of American English with the help of a virtual assistant, Simone.

Simone is the most recognizable feature of the Saundz application. She is a quality computer- generated animation that demonstrates the process of sound articulation. With the ability to see how her vocal organs move while she is creating a particular sound, students can easily understand and perceive the differences between authentic English sounds and the equivalents in their mother tongue.

Other features in Saundz include a mini dictionary with more than 400 comprehensive word definitions, sentence examples and images; step-by-step instructions to further facilitate learning; 4 professionally recorded native speakers; and a record-and-compare function that allows learners to compare their recordings with the pronunciation of the native speakers.

Students can also have fun learning pronunciation with Saundz by collecting merit badges as they progressively move through the lessons. The Saundz app is supported by multiple platforms (PC, iPad, Windows 8).


A major innovation incorporated into Saundz 1.5 is the possibility of logging in for a free trial with a guest or Facebook account. Guest account login doesn’t require users to register using their email in order to try out the Saundz application. Still, just like registered users, guests get full access to the first seven chapters and can practice 11 out of 40 American English sounds and learn more than 40 words.

Unlike registered/paid users, however, guests cannot access their profile pages and user statistics, where registered users can complete their profile information and monitor their progress. Once the browser is closed, the guest account resets and no information is saved.

Saundz 1.5 significantly improves users’ experience, allowing them to practice pronunciation using their mobile devices without having to submit their email addresses. This greatly simplifies the login process and makes Saundz available to a larger number of people.

In addition to the introduction of the Guest account, there are also some major bug fixes.


Saundz web application can be accessed from the official website:
Saundz 1.5 is available for iPads and can be downloaded from iTunes via the following link:

Saundz 1.5 for Windows 8 is available here:


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