HealthQuest Announces Effective Balance Program for Geriatric Patients

HealthQuest is offering an effective balance program for the elderly to help prevent slips or falls.

Online PR News – 30-August-2013 – Broolyn, NY – Brooklyn, New York: HealthQuest, an established multi-specialty healthcare center based in Brooklyn, New York is offering an effective balance program to help the elderly prevent slips and falls. Part of a comprehensive fall risk assessment and conditioning program, the balance program is designed to help geriatric patients and older adults strengthen their ability to maintain physical stability when moving around.

Slips and falls leading to fractures and broken bones are among the most common problems that older people have to deal with. Several factors are responsible for falls such as poor eyesight, weak muscles, poor balance, use of certain medications, and environmental issues. HealthQuest’s fall prevention program for the at risk population aims at helping to improve the ability to stay upright even when faced with such challenges.

The balance program at this multi-specialty healthcare center is managed by a professional team of physicians, physical therapists and ancillary staff. The program has two main elements: assessment and conditioning.

Assessment consists of evaluating the factors that puts the person at risk of falling. This includes tests to assess physical factors such as eyesight, balance, strength, walking speed, step length, and cardiovascular fitness. The comprehensive balance retraining program offered at HealthQuest includes

• Biodex Isokinetic testing and exercise
• In-clinic and home exercise programs
• Home safety tips
• Dynamic balance testing and training
• Gait (walking) testing and training

Participants are also helped to identify hazards around their home that can cause falls such as poor lighting, slippery floors, unsteady handrails, uneven steps, and more. Appropriate measures are then suggested to minimize these risks so as to help them lead a more independent and productive lifestyle.

HealthQuest’s slip/fall prevention programs are an affordable option for geriatric patients as they are covered by most private health insurance plans and Medicare.

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