T&T's Story Launch on Food Not Bombs

On Friday Aug. 30 Thrifting and Thriving will be launching on their website a finalized project titled, “Food Not Bombs Orlando Shares Food In Front Of City Hall." This story cover a relentless hunger activist group and their run-ins with the law.

Online PR News – 30-August-2013 – Orlando, FL – Thrifting and Thriving recently completed an in-depth story called “Food Not Bombs Orlando Shares Food In Front Of City Hall."

Since 1980, activist group Food Not Bombs (FNB), has been a controversial subject in the media for serving the hungry and protesting against war spending. After the passing of city ordinances across the country, FNB members have faced legal issues. The chapter of Orlando, Fla. was arrested in 2011 at downtown Lake Eola Park for violating the city’s ordinance, which requires a group to have permits when serving food in public areas.

Founder and writer, Jasmine Allen, discovered that the local chapter is now serving on Monday and Wednesday at Orlando’s City Hall and sharing free produce with locals every Tuesday. FNB also recently launched their Free Skool program this past summer in New Mexico, in which they invite members and those interested to take classes on social change, skill building and farming.

In America, 48 million people suffer from food shortage. This story will touch those who value the effort of this group’s passion to change that statistic. FNB doesn’t involve fundraising but this story entails what your website values such as: volunteering, philanthropy and solidarity.

This story is significant because unlike similar stories on The Huffington Post, this publication gives a first-hand account and sheds a different light on FNB.

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Jasmine Allen
Founder and Writer, ThriftingandThriving.com