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Unlockmotorolas.com can unlock all Motorola, Blackberry, Treo, LG, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, and any other GSM phone regardless of the carrier you are locked to. Using our unlock codes, unlock software or unlock sims, you can have your phone unlocked in as little as 5 minutes!

Online PR News – 09-March-2009 – – Chances are the phone you have now is locked to your current provider. This means you would have to buy a new phone should you switch providers. But you can now unlock your phone permanenly using our unlock codes, software, or unlock sims. This will allow you to use your phone on any GSM network in the world.

Unlockmotorolas.com offers unlock codes and subsidy passwords for nearly every cellphone on the market.

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The easiest way to unlock your phone is using an unlock code. You simply have to send us your IMEI number (a 15 digit code -International Mobile Equipment Identity), and we will email you back your unlock code. We have a code turnaround time of anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours. Instructions on how to use the code are included.

You can also unlock your cell phone using remote unlock software. This works very well for most HTC and older blackberry models. You just connect your phone to your pc, run the software, and your unlock code will be displayed.Thats it! However unlock software cannot unlock all models, so make sure to check if your phone is supported. Once you pay, you will instantly be able to download your software. After you install the software and drivers, it's simply a matter of following the instructions, and a few clicks later your phone is unlocked.

Finally you can also chose to purchase an unlock sim. This is a simcard that works together with your original simcard. Both sims are placed into your phone in order to trick the phone into thinking it's unlocked.Unlockmotorolas.com carries the Rebel simcard, which can sucessfully unlock nearly any iPhone and Nokia phone from ANY carrier. At the moment, the Rebel sim is the ONLY way to unlock the latest 2.2.1/2.30.03 iPhone software.

Once unlocked, you will have the benefit of being able to use your phone with any GSM provider in the world. This also comes in useful if you travel abroad, as you can pick up a simcard from a local company and save a ton on calls. You also greatly increase the resale value of the phone once unlocked. It's definitely a worthwhile investment. Come visit us at http://www.unlockmotorolas.com

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