Menstrual Cramps Pain Reliever: Mr. Dudley’s Topical Pain Cream Now Available To The American Public

Mr Joe Dudley Sr is launching his new wellness line of products featuring his proven treatment for menstrual pain for women. Mr Dudley’s Topical Pain Cream and My Dudley’s Topical Cycle Cream for women headline the newest development from one of America’s great entrepreneurs

Online PR News – 29-August-2013 – Greensboro, NC – Mr Dudley’s Topical Cycle Cream, is a new treatment for menstrual pain is introduced for women suffering from back, leg and abdominal pain during their menstrual cycle. The cream provides a safe, effective, and fast acting pain relief alternative to the current and expensive pain relief drugs without any side effects.
Greensboro, NC, August 28 2013: Dudley Wellness Company, Inc is poised to be one of Americas leading wellness brands. The first and premiere product is improving people's lifves. Mr. Dudley’s Topical Pain Relief Cream gives relief to young girls and women who need an immediate remedy from cramps, bloating, abdominal pain. Mr. Dudley’s Topical Pain Cream highlights the natural ingredient: Nutmeg Oil. Used topically on the skin providing a quick relief from pain cooling the skin and reducing swelling to fight and stop the pain.
New research published in American Alliance of Persistent Pain Initiatives found that 75% of American Women suffer from persistent pain every year. 1 of 4 American Women tend to loose more than 20 hours of sleep each month just because of the pain they are going through. They are forced to have expensive menstrual pain relief drugs having potentially dangerous and addictive side effects so that they can manage the pain.
Made by combining a 100 year old recipe of menthal and wintergreen with the amazing and powerful Grenada, Mr. Dudley’s Topical Cream is formulated to provide a fast relief from backache, arthritic, joint, and muscle pain. The deep penetration action has proven to quickly relieve—stopping pain and discomfort.
Josh Flood, Executive Vice Chairman of Dudley Wellness Company says “We are proud to launch Mr. Dudley’s Topical Pain Relief as the first powerful wellness product of Dudley Wellness Company. Try it and you will be amazed at the healing power. It is incredibly effective. Not only will it be a major development in menstrual cramp relief, it may be the cure for menstrual pain.”
Made in Cessna, North Carolina, Mr Dudley’s Topical Pain Relief will be first introduced through the website where the consumers can take an advantage of special discounts for a limited period of time.
About Dudley Wellness Company
Dudley Wellness Company is an independent USA owned and operated company, our manufacturing plant is in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our mission is to develop and distribute products which add significantly to the healthiness, wellness and quality of people’s lives. Mr Dudley’s products are currently made available in USA.
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