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Random DUI Checkpoints in California Must Follow Strict Rules. A DUI Attorney from 888-DUI-HOTLine can Defend Drivers Stopped at a DUI or Sobriety Checkpoint.

Online PR News – 28-August-2013 – Riverside, CA – According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) website, 50 percent of Americans will be involved in an alcohol-involved traffic collision in their lifetime. DUI checkpoints, first widely used in the 1980s, are designed to keep drug and alcohol impaired drivers off the road. Also called sobriety checkpoints, these random inspections are scheduled on weekends and holidays when more people are on the road. The CHP and local police departments randomly stop vehicles to prevent drunk or impaired drivers from causing accidents.

We condemn drunk driving and advocate using designated drivers.

888-DUI-HOTLine, an independent network of California DUI Attorneys, helps keep drivers informed where and when these sobriety checkpoint locations take place. By posting this information on their website, Facebook, and Twitter--drivers can avoid the traffic and stay safe. dui checkpoint information is posted a few times a week and site users are encouraged to share the information on social media.

"Our view is that DUI Checkpoints are meant to remind the public not to drink and drive. We feel the same. Drivers can also avoid the traffic and plan in advance of the DUI Checkpoint," said 888-DUI-HOTLine spokesperson Carmen Lantz. "We condemn drunk driving and advocate using designated drivers."

The state of California conducts more the 2,500 random sobriety checks per year. By learning about checkpoints in advance, drivers become aware of their drinking habits. One drink too many may result in an arrest, accident or injury. A random checkpoint may seem like a nuisance, but it forces drivers to better understand the potential consequences of drinking and driving.

The California State Vehicle Code sets forth strict rules for DUI checkpoints. They include having a plan for which drivers to stop at a checkpoint (every third driver, every fifth driver and so on), using flashing lights and roadblocks to clearly identify the checkpoint and other regulations. The arresting officer and the prosecution must prove that a driver was lawfully arrested for a DUI. A qualified defense attorney from 888-DUI-HOTLine can defend drivers against improper procedures at a DUI checkpoint. Motorists accused of a DUI can call 888-DUI-HOTLine to obtain a free consultation with an experienced DUI Attorney in their county.

888-DUI-HOTLine is a network and directory of independently owned law firms and DUI Attorneys. All attorneys are pre-screened and are in good standing with the California State Bar. Drivers who have been arrested for a DUI in California should contact a qualified and experience DUI Attorney. A DUI is a serious offense. Persons arrested for DUI can lose their license or even their job. Use 888-DUI-HOTLine to find an excellent DUI Attorney. For more information visit http://www.888duiHotline.comr call 888-DUI-HOTLine (888-384-4685).

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