Massage Therapy School in Colorado Gives Graduates a Competitive Edge With the Body Insight Method™

Healing Arts Institute, a massage therapy school in Fort Collins, Colorado, offers classes in the exclusive “Body Insight Method™”, which was pioneered by its founder, Gary Salinger.

Online PR News – 02-September-2013 – Fort Collins, CO – Fort Collins, CO — Individuals in search of a massage therapy school in Colorado, have traditionally been met with many options. It can be challenging to determine what separates one school of massage from another. The Healing Arts Institute massage school founded by Gary Salinger teaches the exclusive Body Insight Method™ to help graduates distinguish themselves in the competitive world of massage therapy.

The Body Insight Method™ uses a system to understand, communicate, and correct the ways poor posture can have a negative impact on massage clients. Body Insight gives practitioners the skills to recognize how a client’s posture is related to the issues they are trying to resolve through massage. With this information, it’s possible to release unnecessary long-term physical tension.

This method is only taught at Healing Arts Institute and is intended to empower massage practitioners with a unique approach that can have profound results. The Body Insight Method™ gives massage therapists the ability to work “with” clients rather than simply “on” them. This means empowering each client to make positive decisions about his or her health and participate completely in the treatment process.

Clients learn to perform different motions to help get the results they want from massage. Educating the client is a crucial part of the Body Insight Method™, and one aspect that makes it different from more conventional, therapist-centered approaches. The ability to participate in treatment and learn specific patterns of movement can help create positive habits for the client while reducing tension, stress, and the pain they normally feel.

The bodywork methods taught at the Healing Arts Institute are corrective in nature. This means they are intended to resolve the aches, pains, and other complaints of the client. Results take time, but visitors to the Healing Arts Institute have often reported feeling better very quickly after experiencing the Body Insight Method™ than they did after dozens of conventional massages.

Classes at HAI are expected to be in great demand, and fall courses are currently enrolling: Evening classes will begin on Monday, September, 16th, while daytime classes will start on Tuesday, the 1st of October. Classes may fill very quickly, so anyone interested in the field of massage therapy and the exclusive Body Insight Method™ should contact Healing Arts Institute for enrollment information.

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Gary Salinger founded the Healing Arts Institute in 1991. HAI is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and is fully regulated by the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools to provide a variety of massage therapy programs that offer insight into the human anatomy as well as how to build trust and relate to clients.

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