Emily Castleman's new book on Horses released on Amazon.com

Author Emily Castleman's new book on Horses, A Fun Facts & Photos book for Kids released on Amazon.com

Online PR News – 28-August-2013 – New Delhi, Delhi – Acclaimed author, Emily Castleman, has announced that her second book titled, 'Horses: Fun Facts and Photos Book for Kids' has been launched on Amazon.com under the Non-Fiction Books for Children genre. The book is expected to be of particular interest to young children who love horses, and features an extremely thoughtful collection of amazing facts and absolutely stunning photographs of the majestic animals. The book is also expected to make an equally interesting read for people across all ages who share love for the amazing animals that horses are! With early reviews confirming the book to be worth waiting for, the true admirers of horses can download it for FREE from Amazon Kindle Bookstore during the first few days starting Sunday, August 25, 2013.

Released under the banner of Castleman Consulting, 'Horses: Fun Facts and Photos Book for Kids' is available in Kindle ebook format on Amazon Kindle Bookstore for FREE during the initial few days and can be directly downloaded to any Kindle, tablet, cell phone, laptop or computer from the following URL: http://bit.ly/HorsesBook. After the FREE promotion period is over on Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the book can be bought for just $2.99, and will also be available under the KDP Select Program, popularly known as the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

"Horses are truly majestic animals who are extremely powerful and equally sensitive at the same time! They are also extremely graceful when at peace, and can be as dangerous if and when provoked. Horses are also said to be amongst the most loyal friends of human beings, almost as loyal as dogs if not more," says Emily Castleman, the author of the book. "Apart from children, readers across all ages having an interest in knowing more about horses and equestrianism, will find my new book to be an extremely interesting read!"

The book, "Horses: Fun Facts and Photos for Kids" is a non-fiction book for young children and people of all ages who love horses. In this second book of hers, author Emily Castleman, showcases a lot of fun and interesting facts about Horses including topics like Communication with Horses, their Food, Grooming, Riding, Horse Breeds, Baby Horses, Barrel Racing, Track Racing, Horse Relatives, amongst several others. Each page of the book features a beautiful horse picture and some very interesting facts about these amazing creatures.

"I am confident that the young ones who are interested in horses will find this book an extremely fascinating way to learn more about their favorite animal. They will be nothing short of amazed at many of the interesting facts they will learn about the wonderful animals that horses are," added the author. "Apart from children, readers across all ages having an interest in knowing more about horses and equestrianism, will find the book to be an extremely interesting read!"

Being touted as one of the most thoughtful and interesting books on animals released in the non-fiction genre in recent months, 'Horses: Fun Facts and Photos Book for Kids' by Emily Castleman is expected to emerge as a must-read book for children, particularly those who find horses intriguing enough and are keen on learning more about them. The book has been presented in a way that makes it equally interesting to readers of all ages who might have even the slightest of interest in these magnificent animals.

"Horses have been closely associated with human beings since the mythological ages. I feel deep respect and love for such beautiful, majestic and powerful animals, and wanted to share my feelings with the readers, especially kids," speaking on the inspiration for her new book, the author says. "Being an animal lover myself, I find it easy to research and write about them. This is my second book on an animal, the horse, which I find extremely fascinating myself. My love for horses and my deep interest in knowing more about them made it all the more interesting for me to write this book, and I sincerely hope that my readers will enjoy it as much as I did writing it!"

To buy the Kindle book 'Horses: Fun Facts and Photos Book for Kids' from Amazon, please visit: http://bit.ly/HorsesBook

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