V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen launched by PuffNuggs

Now vaporize V with oil pens in an easy manner thanks to the newly introduced V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen

Online PR News – 28-August-2013 – San Francisco, CA 94113 – Now vaporize V with oil pens in an easy manner thanks to the newly introduced V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen
USA (August 29, 2013): http://www.puffnuggs.com/ recently brought forth a new product called the V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen. This useful electric vaporizer pen is said to be especially apt for wax and/ or thick oil users. Its is probably the fact that it offers an extremely smooth airflow without any clogging problems whatsoever.

The thick oil and wax melts into the funnel of the V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen and produces huge clouds of smoke via ignition. One of the advantages of this new tool is that users do not have to worry about leakage and hindered airflow. Absolutely smooth and high quality vaporizing is offered by the pen and users have to simply load them to enjoy the benefits of it.

The V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen works on batteries and can be recharged via the USB port it is embedded with. Mainly for usage with oil, wax or BHO, it is very portable, compact and discreet in design. The pen heats up within a short time frame of merely a second or two and the oil tank system that it features makes it easy for users to refill. Assembling the pen is also an easy and time saving task. To see the kit please watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwTzhbvI1X0

Each piece of the V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen kit contains a Vaporizer Pen unit which is the battery, 2 units of the V-Hit Wax Atomizer, a USB charger, an Oil Container, a Stealth Carry Case and a Vaporizer Pen Rubber Holder. The pen has been constructed especially for thick oils and waxy concentrates and hence one cannot vaporize dry herbs. The V-Hit Wax Vaporizer Pen kit comes with a 3 month warranty which covers for defects associated with poor or improper manufacturing. It can be bought online at puffnuggs.com for a price of $39.95.
"This is our best deal for a wax vaporizer that we have ever offered on our site! " Jay
Puffnuggs.com is a company which sells and produces pen vaporizer kits such as the "Medi-Puff" Pen Vaporizer as well as sell other vaporizers , honey oil items, Titanium nails, Medi-Puff vaporizer and other related items. The company is also an official Skyda Dealer.
The Vhit vaporizer pen is available at http://www.puffnuggs.com/vhit-wax-vaporizer.html

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