Moscap Announces a New Revolutionary Device – GasCheck

Have you ever run out of gas when you've just started grilling? Now, you can never run gas with a brand new product that allows you to give your propane tank an ultrasound. Moscap Engineering is proud to introduce the GasCheck.

Online PR News – 28-August-2013 – Freehold, NJ – Do you know how much gas is in your tank? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who doesn’t. Soon, you will be able to perform an ultrasound on your tank to find out exactly how much gas your tank is holding. Moscap Engineering is proud to announce the release of a new revolutionary ultrasonic device that measures the liquid level of your propane cylinder in seconds.
“The GasCheck device incorporates innovative, state-of-the-art technology to solve a common problem in a very simple way at an affordable price,” says Thomas Tarantin, president/CEO of Moscap Engineering. “Shaking your tank or banking on temperamental products to determine the level of your gas is going to be a thing of the past.”
About the size of a pen, GasCheck uses high-tech electronic signals to determine the liquid levels in the propane tank. To operate, the rubberized tip of the device is pressed against the outer wall of the tank at a 90-degree angle. A red light signifies no liquid at that level; a green light indicates gas is present at that level.
GasCheck is powered only by two watch batteries. Intrinsically safe, GasCheck can be used in conjunction with flammable gases. Its readings are consistent regardless of the time of year or weather conditions.
“It’s diversity in applications is a really big selling point,” says Tarantin. “GasCheck appeals to wide range of consumers – from your high-tech gadget guys to backyard barbecuers, RVers, tailgaters and even campers. For business use, it can be used in restaurants, catering operations, bars, hotels, and other outlets in the hospitality industry. It’s going to offer high margins to retailers and distributors, especially those who cater to these groups. But it’s still going to be affordable for the average Joe. That’s the beauty of the GasCheck. ”
GasCheck, which comes in a sleek cyan blue finish, has a suggested retail price of $49.95 – half the price of similar propane-level testing products in the marketplace. It is packed 10 to a display box, with 12 boxes or 120 units to a master carton.
GasCheck is manufactured in Germany and distributed in the USA by Moscap Engineering, an affiliate of Tarantin Industries, Inc. Moscap Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of specialty products for over 20 years. For more information visit or call 732-780-9426.