Mobilease Offers Fleet Management Services to Houston Companies

According to an article in Automotive Fleet, the top challenges facing fleet managers today are: increasing fuel prices, flat maintenance costs, and hiring and keeping qualified company drivers.

Online PR News – 27-August-2013 – Houston Texas – The biggest challenge facing commercial fleets is increasing fuel prices, which have reached record highs. Pressure for spend reductions at companies are occurring at all levels, and fleet is simply another department requested to cut costs. “Reducing fleet fuel expenses” is a fleet challenge. The main reason fleet professionals cite for rising fuel prices is “historical and current trends.” Other reasons include the economy, and supply and demand. Despite concerns over rising fuel prices, most fleet managers this year plan to purchase more fuel-efficient or alternative–fuel vehicles and others plan to implement some type of driver performance monitoring program like a GPS tracking device and fuel cards that will help them drive more efficiently. Mobilease Fleet Management partners with two fuel card providers to deliver solutions for reducing fleet fuel expenses.

Reducing maintenance –related expenses was the second place challenge. Maintenance costs, overall, have been flat due to the higher quality of vehicles from all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and extended powertrain warranties have covered some costly repairs at high mileage. Despite a slow economy, sustainability initiatives continue to receive strong backing from management at many companies. Preventive maintenance pays off by avoiding unnecessary and expensive repairs in the long run. A preventive maintenance program is well worth the investment. It minimizes downtime, increases equipment lifespan, and saves fuel.

Mobilease has two programs specifically tailored to reduce overall maintenance expenses and to track maintenance on fleets to ensure preventative maintenance intervals are being completed.

A third challenge facing companies is driver safety. Driver distractions, such as texting and using mobile navigation, cause 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Investing in a safe driving corporate culture can pay off threefold: It helps drivers stay safe, reduces crash costs, and minimizes risk to an organization.

Finally to ensure that employees don't get a wondering eye, management can take simple steps such as:
give small rewards to boost morale, give public recognition for hard work, and make sure that salaries of those who work together are comparable or offer flexible work schedules.

Mobilease is a Houston based company that specializes in Automotive Fleet Management and has been operating in the Houston Market for 33 years.

Companies who want to have more information on Fleet Management Services, Acquisition and Disposal of Vehicles as well as Administration Services like Titling and Vehicle Registration should contact an Account Manager at Mobilease.

Addition Services also include Flat Rate Maintenance, Fuel Programs, Fleet Insurance Programs and Extended Warranty Programs

Mobilease is a full service equipment and vehicle management company providing financial programs for companies needing tax oriented lease solutions to manage their commercial fleet and equipment needs.

Since 1980, Mobilease has built a reputation on a solid foundation of integrity and trust through relationships with business leaders in the areas of: Service, Construction, Energy, and a variety of other industries that comprise the heartbeat of our nation’s economy

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