Dragon Sourcing begins Operations in Bangladesh

Dragon Sourcing has begun its Bangladesh chapter by initiating operations in this Asian nation. The company attempts at offering the best deal to its customers without making any compromise on the quality of materials sourced.

Online PR News – 28-August-2013 – Sanghai – Dragon Sourcing in its continuous endeavor to procure superior quality raw materials at low cost has begun Bangladesh sourcing. This agriculture based economy is a significant producer and exporter of jute and jute products, fish, leather and garments. This company through its effective procurement process ensures sustained supply of Bangladeshi items at decent prices.

Procurement service provider Dragon Sourcing is focused on delivering goods that offer sustained growth to local economy and an assured supply of required materials to an importer. Worldwide operation of this company has helped in identifying markets for Bangladesh goods. With launching of its services in Bangladesh, this company attempts in bridging the gap between suppliers and buyers of materials from this south-east Asian country. Backed by its rich experience, this organization is adept in identifying sources that offer products at rates that offer value for money. In this age of neck-to-neck competition, it is essential for an importer to buy raw materials at minimum prices such that a workable margin is maintained. Dragon Sourcing assists in identifying these sources in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is predominantly an agrarian economy with rice, wheat, pulses and potato being the main food crops; and jute, cotton, sugarcane, tea, spices, oilseeds and tobacco the important cash crops. Fish, poultry, dairy products and beef are other noteworthy items available in this nation. Of these items, jute, frozen foods (especially fish and beef), sugar, spices and tobacco are exported. Agriculture based items such as cotton yarn and garments; knitwear and hand woven items; and leather items are also procured from Bangladesh in significant quantities.

The advantage of procuring these items from this Asian country is the considerable price benefit it offers. Dragon Sourcing acts as the conduit between suppliers in Bangladesh and buyers from different regions of the world. Through their involvement, it is possible to identify profitable market opportunities thereby giving an advantage to sellers. With Bangladesh sourcing being largely disorganized, the involvement of this company in carrying out procurement and conducting negotiation become even more significant.

Clarification of supply chain risks particularly for a country such as Bangladesh is a vital activity of this organization. Locating procurement channels and establishing links with supply chains contribute in making this company a comprehensive procurement body. As a comprehensive operator, Dragon Sourcing also assists in arresting procurement failures from local sources. Here, it needs to be pointed out that this company works more on behalf of its customers, in this case buyers. Though in their business process they try to remove the demand-supply gap, Dragon Sourcing is more oriented towards their clients, which is but obvious.

A great benefit about working with this company is their integrity and transparency in their business processes. These two traits have helped this concern in creating a strong cohesive bond with its customers. All transactions are documented and put on records.

About this Company: Dragon Sourcing is a premier procurement company taking care of raw material requirements for manufacturers and importers from all parts of the world. With a global presence, it works as an ideal procurement company offering superior quality goods at affordable rates. The efforts of the company go beyond Bangladesh sourcing of materials and also into consultancy and procurement intelligence. Their worldwide presence helps their customers realize maximum benefits through low procuring costs and ethical trading practices.